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    At my Church in Seoul there are three men who rotate translating duties Sunday by Sunday.We have an American preacher (using the KJV) and his message is interpreted by a given man into the Korean language.

    1)Mr.N. is in his 60's.
    2)Mr.C. is in his 40's.
    3)Mr.P. is in his 30's.

    From what I have gleaned from Korean natives at the Church I have discovered the following.

    Number 1 sounds quaint and quite provincial -- definitely not contemporary Seoul-speak.If I could compare his translation it would be similar to the antiquated and alien-sounding KJV.

    Number 2's style is reminiscent of the NASU.He pauses more than the others and wants to get it down exactly right.He even tries to convert idiom-to idiom.

    Number 3's method reminds me of the NLTse. He has the energy and style of the younger generation.He speaks in the common vernacular.

    What we are missing is another guy in his 20's or 50's who could translate in the way of the TNIV,HCSB,NET Bible, or ISV.That way our bases would be covered.

    I think all the translators/interpreters deserve a lot of thanks.It's difficult work,and has to be done in the moment without much deliberation.

    Of course verbal translators are not of the same breed as Bible translators -- it's a different animal.But I just thought I would share some parallels.

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