Tyler Perry Criticized for Casting Too Many White Actors — Here’s His Response

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    When it comes to casting black actors and actresses in TV shows and movies, Tyler Perry is offering a different message than many of his Hollywood counterparts.

    Perry, who is the creator of TLC’s first scripted series “Too Close to Home,” was asked by TMZ about criticism he’s received for casting mostly white people for the show that premiered Monday night. “I don’t think it’s fair,” the reporter noted, “but is there something to —”

    Perry cut the reporter off right there: “Are you really asking me about that? Are you really asking me about that?”

    “That’s so ridiculous, man. People are people.” Perry said. “If you write the story about a woman and man who’s having pain and issues and trying to get over things, it’s the same way for a white person for a black person or for anybody else.”

    “People are people, man. People need to let all that go,” Perry added, as he walked away.


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