U.S. officials heard Benghazi attackers phone terrorist leaders from consulate

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    You want the true level of criminal conspiracy and dereliction of duty of which of this administration was guilty on September 11, 2012? It is found in Baier's interview with Stahl.
    This administration is filled with traitors, bereft of any sense of duty, honor and country. As CiC, this fool who claims to be "president" is to live up to the ideals of the military he commands, even if he's never had the privilege of serving -- something for which I'm certain most veterans of the U.S. armed forces, including me, are grateful.

    This traitorous White House knew who was attacking the consulate from the outset.

    They did deliberately, cowardously, and treacherously did nothing!!!

    Willfully, they neglected their duty, willfully they let men die!! With Stahl's account, I have come to believe they wanted no witnesses. They, from the outset, recognized the attack for what it was and, fearing the events of the day would put a dagger in the heart of this Marxist clown's re-election hopes, chose to make up a lie to protect the Little Marxist Dictator. Let me be clear about what I'm saying:
    It was more important to him and them that he be reelected than it was to save a sitting ambassador under attack by hostile forces who are enemies of this nation!!
    And his apologists, protectors and sycophants will continue to kiss his posterior and tell him how great he is as he leads us into a totalitarian state.

    "The truth is what I say it is." -- fictional U.S. Sen. Robert Meachum, (?-Montana) in the movie, Shooter
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    Sounds like what the Dems did to Reagan with Iran Contra.

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