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Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Bro. Curtis, Apr 9, 2009.

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    The zero making promises he may not be able to keep. With his other lies, I expect that soon, even the most ardent worshipers will start to feel a little hot under the collar....

    The activities of al-Qaeda in two of Iraq’s most troubled cities could keep US combat troops engaged beyond the June 30 deadline for their withdrawal, the top US commander in the country has warned.
    US troop numbers in Mosul and Baqubah, in the north of the country, could rise rather than fall over the next year if necessary, General Ray Odierno told The Times in his first interview with a British newspaper since taking over from General David Petraeus in September.
    He said that a joint assessment would be conducted with the Iraqi authorities in the coming weeks before a decision is made.
    Combat troops are due to leave all Iraqi cities by the end of June. Any delay would be a potential setback for President Obama, who has pledged to withdraw all combat forces from Iraq by August 2010 as he switches his focus to Afghanistan....

    Leave Iraq ? What a hoot.
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    Doubtful! The devoted are very adept at sidetracking the gaffes of the "master"; nor will they be very anxious to admit that they really screwed this country last Nov by their votes "for change" without so much as asking "What kind of change?":BangHead::BangHead::BangHead::BangHead:

    Well, they may "feel a little hot under the collar", but the rest of us will never know it if they can help it!!

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