Unbelievable: Government usurps states' rights in Utah gay marriage case

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thisnumbersdisconnected, Jan 10, 2014.

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    Apr 11, 2013
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    It is the normal way of doing things for the feds to honor state law. However, Holder has now usurped Utah's state rights by recognizing the gay marriages that took place before a TRO was issue preventing further "weddings" from being performed. It puts the A-G and therefore, by implication, the White House, in the unique and dangerously unprecedented position of recognizing marriages the fed's own court system is still examining for validity, given Utah voters expressed their preference for marriage to be described as one man and one woman in a 2012 referendum.

    Further, Utah has to pay for the benefits the feds are authorizing. They come out of the budget for the state, which is partially funded by the feds. However, the budget was established with the concept of the traditional marriage law being intact. The feds have now thrown that out the window with Holder's meddlesome and likely unconstitutional stance.
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    Been going on since Lincoln. Of course Obama and Holder have carried it to the extreme. i believe that both these men want nothing but trouble for this country.

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