USB 3.0 fraud

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    I see that there is now a USB 3.0 coming out and
    promises BIG increase in transfer speed and that is great.
    However this raises a question. When the 2.0 came out there was all the
    hype as to how it would raise transfer speed to 480MBps.
    However I have never met anyone who has obtained that speed
    in the real world, at least for any amount of time. Yes
    there may be some split second burst, but in the real world
    the 2.0 is lucky to average 1/10th the speed claimed, maybe
    around 40MBps, not 480MBps. My question is this. Since the
    3.0 is claiming to run up to 4.8 GBps and I saw some tests
    where the 3.0 really only preformed at about 200MBps which
    is about 1/24th of the claim why are these guys getting
    away with this fraud? Why not simply give real use times
    and speeds? Why not just be honest? I think our government
    needs to step in an prosecute these companies for fraud.
    What is your take?

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