UT and LSU postgame

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Scott J, Sep 27, 2005.

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    I am a Vols fan... and I think your concerns are probably phantoms. UT and LSU will field more talent than any regular season game this year.

    The difference is that one coach will play to win while Fulmer will play not to lose.

    The Vols should be LSU. They should've beaten UF... as I said in another thread, the position that holds the Vols back wears whistles, not helmets.
    </font>[/QUOTE]Happily wrong about the outcome.

    If UT would always play and call offense like it had nothing to lose...

    Last night was kind of like reading Fulmer's leadership style inventory. Primary style: Play to win by a field goal. Secondary style: Desperation.

    Thank goodness he didn't have a lead to protect until the last score.

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