VERY Wise Word (directed at teenagers, but applicable to us all)

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    Northland College (NZ) principal John Tapene has offered the following words from a judge who regularly deals with youth.

    "Always we hear the cry from teenagers 'What can we do, where can we go?'

    ... My answer is, "Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook, build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, study your lessons, and after you've finished, read a book."

    "Your town does not owe you recreational facilities and your parents do not owe you fun. The world does not owe you a living, you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent so that no one will be at war, in poverty or sick and lonely again."

    "In other words, grow up, stop being a cry baby, get out of your dream world and develop a backbone, not a wishbone. Start behaving like a responsible person. You are important and you are needed. It's too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is now and that somebody is you..."
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    At the VA Medical Center where I worked and retired from, a black veteran told me "You owe me a living."

    I told him that I didn't owe him anything--that I, too, am a veteran and don't think I am owed a living. I worked 35 years (not counting odd jobs I had for a short time) and now I can relax in my retirement because of earning it.

    I owe God more than I could ever repay, but no one owes me anything.

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