Video: Gay open carry group kicked out of gay pride rally

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    "They cannot be taken seriously as an organization that is all for rights and equality if they block the entrance..."

    A gay open carry group was barred from entering a gay pride event in the state of Washington Saturday after event organizers claimed they were being “harmed psychologically” by the presence of firearms.

    While approaching the entrance of the 25th annual Capital City Pride rally, the Second Amendment group, well known in the area for open carrying AR-15 rifles, was told by event staff to remove their firearms or leave the area.

    “We don’t want your guns here,” a female organizer said. “Plain and simple.”

    Noting the irony of being discriminated against due to their firearms and libertarian beliefs, the group attempted to explain the definition of inalienable rights to the unwilling staff.

    “We have a right to say ‘we don’t feel safe! We have a right to say ‘we don’t feel safe!” the staff chanted in response.

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