Video Of Swedish Pogroms, Jews Attacked At Peaceful Pro-israel Rally

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    the first 1 min and 35 sec is from our peaceful manifestation.
    At 1.35 we see the arabs behaviour.
    At 3.02 you can see one of the stones that was thrown.
    At 3.10 you can see eggs being thrown.
    At 3.20 you can see the broken bottle the threw.
    At 3.30 you can see the fireworks they threw at us.
    At 4.18 you can see the police reaction - instead of removing the attacking arab mob, they removed us!
    At 4.38 Im asking the police chief about the police no-reaction. See the subtitles at about 4.50 seconds in.
    After the clip ends, we are being moved out by the police. We, who have a permit for being there and are not violent gets away.
    These are the pogroms of the 21st century -- new costumes (keffiyeh instead of swastikas) but the same terrible evil.

    Watch the video here.

    I guess it was alot easier for the Swedish ploice to remove the peaceful Jews than a mob of barbarians.

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