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    0 is a place to study up on incumbents and candidates running for office. The site has a number of tools one can use.

    It is time to get to studying the issues and the candidates before the primaries begin!

    Suggestion: If a candidate for a new office is currently holding an office which he/she is leaving..... check their current and previous history at the current one being held.

    Also: In using the tools of "issue ratings"...... please recognize that many PACs and organizations already have a political bias AND also, many of them have Names which are a bit misleading of their value and issue content. This means if a particular organization gives a rating or ranking to a candidate which you are researching....... and it is an organization one has no or vague familiarity with.... then it pays to research that organization as well. It may surprise many to learn that there can be deception in a name!

    (Can someone suggest a sticky for this post suring this election year?

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