Waite's taking of examples from Scrivener

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    I would appreciate some input from those who hold a KJV-only view and others about what you think that Waite's first sentence in his response to the statement about Scrivener means. I take
    this sentence literally to mean what it says. I want to be as fair to him as possible and check and see if I am understanding his sentence in the way that those who hold a KJV-only view understand it.

    In his book entitled CENTRAL SEMINARY REFUTED ON BIBLE VERSIONS, D. A. Waite quoted the following statement from a book published by Central Seminary: "Scrivener lists several changes that have taken place in the KJV over the years"
    (p. 78).

    Waite then responded with the following comments:

    "I take these same examples in my study, THE KJV 1611 COMPARED TO THE PRESENT KJV. I list not only consecutively from Genesis to Revelation in the back, but also alphabetically the words which were changed. Also I list the words that have a substance change." (p. 78) He then listed
    some examples of changes.

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