We'll show those Danes....

Discussion in '2006 Archive' started by Joseph_Botwinick, Feb 8, 2006.

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    An Iranian newspaper has come up with a way to really stick it to Denmark for their cartoon. They are going to ridicule the Jews and the Holocaust in a cartoon contest. That will really show those arrogant Danes because we all know it was really a Jewish plot to get back at the Palestinians because of the election of Hamas. Seriously, this is the way these nut jobs really think. They remind me of many bitter, whacked out conspiracy theorists I have met in the past few years. [​IMG]

    Interestingly enough, I heard last night that the cartoon was originally published by the Danish Newspaper last September. And they are just now getting mad about it. Perhaps, they are just really slow. [​IMG] Or, maybe, some crazy Imam decided this was a good way to stir up people's passions.

    Joseph Botwinick

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