What are Democrats Trying to Hide?

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    What are Democrats Trying to Hide?

    The office of the Inspector General exists to hold government agencies accountable and root out waste, fraud, and abuse. But apparently, Senate Democrats have no interest in a bill that would allow them to do just that. As the Daily Caller notes:

    Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid refuses to say why for months he has blocked a bipartisan bill designed to ensure inspectors general access all of the official documents they need to fight waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government.Three months ago, the Nevada senator blocked an attempt to pass Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s IG Empowerment Act with unanimous consent, which would make it crystal clear that the 1978 Inspector General Act gives presidentially appointed IGs authority to access all agency records for investigations and audits.

    Reid still refuses to change his position or explain his objections.

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