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    Rev.18:24 - "And in here (the great city" was found the BLOOD OF PROPHETS, and of saints, and of ALL THAT WERE SLAIN UPON THE EARTH."

    Matt.23:35-37 - "That upon you (Jerusalem) may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth..
    All these things shall come upon THIS generation.
    Oh JERUSALEM, Jerusalem, which killed the prophets.."

    Folks, how can anyone make "the great city" of Revelation 17-18 anything BUT Jerusalem?? The scriptures literally demand it to be Jerusalem. Consistency is a fine hermeneutical principle?


    Jerusalem YES NO

    Rome YES NO

    Rebuilt Babylon YES NO

    The Catholic Church YES NO

    Folks, it's time to put pride in fuile 13 and vote the obvious. Let's purge all the funny business that people like Dave Hunt, Jack Van Impe, and Tim LaHaye have given us concerning the great city. The Bible interprets the Bible...IF we allow it to.

    Will you allow the Bible to speak? Cast your vote now as to the identity of the great city of Rev.17-18. I will announce the results at 10:00 or so tonight.

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