What God begets is God

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    Jesus and the Father are one (Jn. 10:30). Are they to remain <alone in> that relationship?

    For in whatever sense Jesus and the Father are one, they are about to be joined by a host of others: "That they all may be one; as you, Father are in Me, and I in you, that they <ALSO> may be one in us..." (Jn. 17:21).

    C.S. Lewis said it well enough: "To beget is to become the father of; to create is to make.

    "And the difference is this. When you beget, you beget something of the same kind as yourself. A man begets human babies, a beaver begets little beavers, a bird begets eggs which turn into little birds. But when you make, you make something of a different kind from yourself. A bird makes a nest, a beaver makes a dam, a man makes a wireless set....What God begets is God....What God creates is not God."

    C.S.Lewis might have added that one not only <begets> something of the same kind as oneself, but also other than oneself. One does not beget oneself.

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