What Seems Like Death Could Bring Life

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Earth Wind and Fire, Jul 9, 2013.

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    When you are young, death & despair is very far removed from your optimistic view of life. as we grow older & experience life & death situations, we are forced to let go of ideas & images we build in our youth. Images that solidify & energize our own self image. Then the crash of images is experienced as a death of spirit, as a loss of hope, as a darkness almost too much for us to bear.

    However spiritual growth is the willing surrender of images in favor of the "True Images." It is a conversion that never stops, a surrender that never ceases.

    A revelation to me has been to observe people, mostly who claim the blood of Christ & their salvations, but would sooner hang on to their self serving images than to a reality where both human despair & Gods kingdom lie hidden. Again, I have repeatedly emphesised that God is not calling us into our heads. Yet we have lived there for so long that the world no longer listens to us anymore. They don't need our sermons, our lazy church services....what they want is life & life more abundantly. Truly, what hope can we offer the world when they are in despair. Thats why I don't sell them on tired ideas....I express love & this is what opens doors wide.

    My brothers & sisters, until we walk, and converse with & learn from the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, those in life's despair, we will never have communion with Christ.....because this was His mission & we must emulate it. And that will deliver us & revive the true church of Christ.

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