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    As a parent, grandparent and great grandparent this might qualify me for an opinion based on personal observations and and the testimony of fellow church members who have confessed their mistakes as to the forgoing subject.
    Some parents (and unfortunately_too many) are under the impression that if they see that their children are in church and on time three times a
    week,and that they go to "Vail" during spring break and the "Inter City" on a mission trip each summer, this relieves them of their parental obligations "DING" "DING" "DING" wrong.
    The Church in general and the youth pastors in particular are the greatest asset or tool that the parent have.But it is just as much the parents responsibility to participate in their spiritual training as their schooling
    Yes, continue to see that your child is in church but also support your youth leader and interact with him and communicate regularily
    with both.
    Remember Prayer left the homes before it left the schools. DO NOT ABROGATE YOUR RESPONSIBILTY.

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