WINE and Red Hat Linux

Discussion in 'Computers & Website Forum' started by Pastor Larry, Nov 12, 2003.

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    May 4, 2001
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    Anyone know anything about it?? I am trying to run a church management program (Parson's Membership Plus v. 6) on Red Hat 9 using WINE. WINE is installed and it installed Membership Plus. I have found the wine-c directory with the My Documents, Program Files, and windows directories in it. I try to cd into the Program Files and it won't let me because it is two words. It thinks the directory is named "Program."

    Does anyone know how to use this better and how to make it work?


    As a followup, I did get to the Program Files directory through Nautilus, but it shows it empty. I know WINE installed the Membership Plus. It went through the whole process and showed the windows install screens. But I don't konw where it put it or how to find it.

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