Zambian police investigate resurrection claims

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    Zambian police have ordered a forensic probe into a bizarre report that a woman believed to have died and been buried 11 years ago has suddenly reappeared in the capital Lusaka.
    Police chief Emphraim Mateyo said he has ordered the exhumation of "Grace", following claims by her parents and relatives to the police that she had resurrected.
    "We want to establish the truth. We shall exhume the body ... and carry out tests," Mr Mateyo said.
    The police boss said the story grew more complicated because two couples were also claiming to be Grace's parents.
    "I have also ordered for the two families to undergo a DNA test to ascertain the real biological parents," he said.
    State-run Sunday Mail reported that Mr Mateyo held a news briefing on Saturday attended by the supposed resurrected Grace and the two families claiming to be her parents.
    Grace, a mother of two, was believed to have been married to a popular Zambian boxer who also attended the news briefing but could not issue any statement because he was in shock

    I hope there is a body for them to dig up :eek:

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