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  1. alexa dorris
    alexa dorris
    I am a new Christian but I was raised in a christian home. Now I have Christ for myself and I'm not just relying on my parent's beliefs
  2. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire tyndale1946

    Here is the Baptist Pastor that is by me that comes closes to Bible truth… please tell me your honest opinion.

  3. BlessedAssurance
    BlessedAssurance Salty
    Hello Salty. I'm reasonably new to the Board. I'm not really familiar with this type of interaction and don't have a lot of time to just 'browse.' I am interested in locating a conservative Baptist church anywhere in the U.S that would be compatible with our family convictions and standards. Any advice on how to proceed with such a daunting venture?
  4. CD Brackett
    CD Brackett
    A Christian believing that God has revealed "all truth" in His word (our Bibles) and it is the only source by which we know Him.
  5. JPPT1974
    September to Remember!
  6. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire
    Utah Phillips once said, “The Planet is not dying, it is being killed. And the people doing the killing have names and addresses.”
  7. Christina1
    Couldn't sleep tonight. But I found this website and thought someone might need prayer. It's a nice little community you have here.Night!
  8. Hutch
    This is my story, to God be the glory: I'm only a sinner saved by grace.
  9. Piper
    Piper Scarlett O.
    Thank you for stopping the bleeding. I will avoid that topic unless directly asked. I was ready to scream too.
  10. Piper
    Piper David Kent
    1. David Kent
      David Kent

      My name is David and Kent is where I live. But I hope David recovers well.
      Jul 24, 2023
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  11. JPPT1974
    August Awesome!
  12. Piper
    Piper The Archangel
    Thanks for your insight into the Greek NT.
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  13. JPPT1974
    Dumbo and Timothy Fan!
  14. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire
    May the Light of Christ illumine your Life, illumine our World!
  15. JPPT1974
    Father's Day 2023!
  16. JPPT1974
    Memorial Day 2023!
  17. JPPT1974
    Mothers Are Very Important!
  18. JPPT1974
    Jesus is Coming Back Sooner Than We Think!
  19. JPPT1974
    Easter is Coming!
  20. John I Morris
    John I Morris
    22 months in New Mexico, growing slowly, but growing nonetheless. God is good all the time. Stick with the Word!