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  1. UGC
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  2. Noah Hirsch
    Noah Hirsch
    What if Jonathan Edward’s sermon Sinners In the Hands of An Angry God was included in the standard US history textbooks?
  3. 1689Dave
    "Babcock State Park Grist Mill"
  4. Marooncat79
    Marooncat79 davidtaylorjr
    I am from Madisonville KY
    1. davidtaylorjr
      That's about 2 1/2 hours from me.
      Jan 11, 2020
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  5. JPPT1974
    Ready for 2020!
  6. JPPT1974
    Summerall and Madden
  7. Earth Wind and Fire
    Earth Wind and Fire
    Without God, Christmas is just another marketing scam. Incarnation is the key... God is with us!
  8. midnightrules
  9. Dave Gilbert
    Dave Gilbert TrueCompanion
    No messages on the board since you joined on June 7th, 2018?
    I encourage you to go on over to the New Members thread and introduce yourself.

    I'm not a preacher myself, but I think that there are people here that I'm sure would love to share the Gospel with you, since it is clear that you are seeking Christ by your own admission.
    May God bless you in your daily life.
  10. JPPT1974
    Christmas Time is Coming
  11. 1689Dave
    If you have free will, you don't need to be saved. Salvation = free will.
  12. JPPT1974
    Ready for Thanksgiving
  13. Roy
    Married, two grown sons, one grand daughter, one grand son. Baptist
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  14. davidtaylorjr
    Why do I fight for the doctrines of grace? Because I believe in fighting for the truth of Scripture.
  15. Sandy911
    I am a grateful believer in God. I am a new. Member. I have some questions I need guidance on from a Biblical point of view.
    1. Sandy911
      Can anyone help me to get in correct forum
      Nov 11, 2019
  16. righteousdude2
    righteousdude2 Squire Robertsson
    Hey Squire. Long time since I dropped a note your way! Hope all is well with you, and I want send along an ocean of blessings to cover you because I know just how difficult your job as administrator is, and you have my prayers for His patience, mercy and strength!
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  17. DARRYL
    DARRYL Logos1
    Preterist...Full or Partial???
  18. DARRYL
    DARRYL Logos1
    It is True what you said concerning the malefactor & Jesus! When were they going? TODAY, WHERE They would BOTH GO! AND WHERE WAS THAT? HEAVEN! MAYBE NOT TO THE VERY PRESENCE OF GOD, BUT STILL IN HEAVEN!!!
  19. DARRYL
    DARRYL Logos1
    Trust in God to make you understand His word according to His interpretation!
  20. DARRYL
    DARRYL Logos1
    Rev2:7 "...to him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God" This PLACE IS IN HEAVEN!!!