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  1. JPPT1974
  2. Genevanpreacher
    Looking for info on this place in China area, and wondering if anyone knows about this. I found it while viewing Google Maps.
  3. JPPT1974
    School is Back!
  4. JPPT1974
    August Awesome!
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  5. redcobra
    no one is a child of God until the new birth then at that moment they are adopted into his family
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  6. JPPT1974
    July is Nearly Ending
  7. David Robert Darrah
  8. David Robert Darrah
    David Robert Darrah
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  9. David Robert Darrah
  10. N.GA Lady NHBA
    N.GA Lady NHBA
    New Hope Baptist Member Clarifying the pulpit design is different yet not segregated although the churches are still built that way,1880's.
  11. N.GA Lady NHBA
  12. JPPT1974
    Happy Summertime
  13. Santos Concepcion
    Santos Concepcion ccdnt
    There is much debate about this new phrase forfeit salvation, at least it is new to me.
    I view it as as an attempt to redefine an Arminian view. I would say that it undermines the sovereignty if God.
    God has the power to save and the power to keep.
    One cannot lose what one has in regards to salvation, but they can forfeit what they never had.
  14. Tom Sprague
    Tom Sprague Mark Corbett
    Does love require free will? Once we have been made a new creation in Christ-- (2Cor.5:17)God's love is shed abroad in our hearts by His Holy Spirit. (Ro.5:5) Then we will do according to 1Cor.13--Love is shed abroad into a heart that has been made willing by the Spirit of God! His love (agape) is freely given to us and we freely give it to those around us!!
    GWYNETH LLOYD tyndale1946
    please do you have a daily reading on BB
    hello, Lady Eagle. Gwyneth from Wales here. I have been looking for users that I recognise to ask if re is still a daily reading plan on BB. saw you here and hope you can help
  17. JPPT1974
    Jumping for July
  18. JPPT1974
    July 4th!
  19. Katarina Von Bora
  20. JPPT1974
    July is Coming!