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New Profile Posts

  1. AVL1984
    I'm back, at least temporarily. Wanted to see if the BB is still going along like it was. Most of the forums I was in are gone now. Bro. T
  2. Salty
    animal doctor?????
  3. Mary Melissa
    Mary Melissa
    I am looking for anyone who knows about baptist who are not primitive or missionary. Kinda in between.
  4. Paul from Antioch
    Paul from Antioch Salty
    Which Animal Doctor's org did U join? I'm with both the American Legion & Disabled American Vets (I fully qual-
    ified 4 disabled when I said I knew Salty!!! ;) :);)
  5. Lodic
    As of April 15th, traveling for a couple of weeks due to family situations.
  6. Stephen Nathanael
    Stephen Nathanael
    I found y'all by searching "free grace". I'm now a member, but I don't have enough priveleges to post on that thread.
  7. BroRando
    A Servant of Jesus Christ.
  8. JPPT1974
    Showers of April!
  9. sofiamoore247
    Hey There! I am Sofia Moore.
  10. old regular
    old regular
    Old School Baptist that is looking for folks interested in Old School Baptist , Primitive, Regular, United and the doctrines of Grace.
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  11. Will J. Kinney
    Will J. Kinney
    Another King James Bible believer
  12. Will J. Kinney
  13. Will J. Kinney
    Will J. Kinney
    my website is Another King James Bible believer.
  14. JPPT1974
    Ready for April Fools!
  15. old regular
    old regular Reformed1689
    I love the doctrines of Grace the 1689 London Confession of Faith was the doctrinal outline that gave the Regular Baptist their Philadelphia[ Regular Baptist] Confession of Faith 1742 the same document with a couple of add extra items. My home church is in Adair County, KY Blessed Hope Old Regular Baptist Church [Old School Regular] I work in Florida currently and go home every opportunity I can.
  16. old regular
    old regular BroOldTimer
    It was nice to see you on the Baptist Board. I am an Old Regular ''Hardshell'' Baptist myself.
  17. ken arrowood
    ken arrowood
    I am feeling blessed to find so many reformed brothers !
  18. JPPT1974
    Ready for March Madness!
  19. Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson Dr. Bob
    Please could you deactivate my account please..thank you .
    1. Dr. Bob
      Dr. Bob
      The easiest way is for YOU (not us, so the act is 100% your choice and not ours) simply changing your password to a random set of characters, then log out. You will not be able to remember them and never able to log in again.
      Feb 24, 2021
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  20. Strannik
    19 Странник я на земле; не скрывай от меня заповедей Твоих. (Пс.118:19)