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Clint Kritzer
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Dec 15, 2018 at 12:27 PM
Oct 10, 2001
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Jul 17, 1964 (Age: 54)
Bremo Bluff, Virginia

Clint Kritzer

Active Member, 54, from Bremo Bluff, Virginia

Site Supporter
Clint Kritzer was last seen:
Dec 15, 2018 at 12:27 PM
    1. th1bill
      And because I have submitted to the will of our LORD, I cannot vote for a man that is destroying the defense system of this country and favors the Islamic system of belief. he has declared the Christian National Day of Prayer as defunct and has sanctioned the Islamic day of prayer and then removed his shoes and kneeled on his Prayer Rug facing Meca. And I, personally, examined the, bogus, birth certificate and it is a composite document made of no less than 3 completely documents and perhaps more. He is not and never has been anything more than an illegal alien.
      If you believe God favors the Republican party, I feel you are incorrect. I have heard some on the other side of the aisle say the same thing, and they are wrong also. But, we all have freedom to decide for ourselves.
    2. th1bill
      I do not seem to be able to find a better link to the mods and hence this message. I wish to report this Gent, Robert Snow, he wants a fight and that is not Christian.

      Re: Oh, so you don't like democrats?
      Originally Posted by th1bill
      Originally Posted by Robert Snow
      Originally Posted by th1bill
      Originally Posted by Robert Snow
      Originally Posted by th1bill
      Originally Posted by Robert Snow
      Sorry, but I will take the Democratic Party over this new brand of republicanism any day of the week!
      And I will tell you that you need to do a Spiritual Inventory! First off, you have ¨assumed¨ and that is never following Jesus. I am what they call a Swing Voter, registered for the Republican Primaries but always voting for the most conservative candidate.
      Actually, there is a good possibility I will vote for the Republican candidate in 2012, although I still lean toward the Democratic candidate.
    3. John3v36
      Hi I was wondering if I could post something for the Boy Scout it would look much like the below. If I can where can I post it. If not thanks anyway. My email is John3v36@ymail.com

      Did you know you can help me earn my own way in Scouting? Just click here and place an order on my behalf. Trail's End has made a lot of improvements this year. All microwave products are made with canola oil and all chocolate products contain no hydrogenated oils, so there are plenty of healthy, flavorful snacks to choose from.
      70% of your purchase will be returned to my council, my unit and my Scout rewards. Online purchases help us fund fun, educational activities and help more kids experience all the things that make Scouting great.
      Thanks for your support,
      If you cannot click on the link above, please copy and paste this full URL into your Internet browser address bar:
    4. dwightp

      I have been trying to change my username to something else. I do not want to use my real name on here and notice that most people don't either.

      Please advise how I need to go about this. Thank you.
    5. BobinKy
      I just noticed that John of Japan used a Greek font in his Strong's thread. How is this done here on Baptist Board?

      Thank you.

    6. Iconoclast
      on the gen discussion board....this guy...preacer4truth has just started a thread attacking luke 2427.......he called me a judiazer the other day,,,and if you look at his posts he has attacked 5 or 6 other believers here. What is the board policy on this
    7. Gwyneth
      Glad you`re all OK - sorry I couldn`t remember how to do it properly.
    8. Gwyneth
      ps You did explain to me what to do once...... but I have forgotten, sorry. I was unable to remember where to find the page with your commentaries and other remarks on, so it`s just the readings on there.
    9. Gwyneth
      Hello Clint,
      I wasn`t able to find todays` reading in the forum so I posted it as best I could, hope you don`t mind.
    10. Stanedglass
      Hey Clint,

      I started a thread "Types & Shadows" and I got started a little premature and wanted to see if you could delete the thread and I would come back and repost when I find more time!

      Sorry to bother you
    11. Heavenly Pilgrim
      Heavenly Pilgrim
      Clint, does anyone even care what a moderator says to another on this forum? It is going beyond absurdity. Here is DHK's quote to me today, post #202 of "Can a True Believer Turn Away...DHK: " God's will for your life from the Bible:
      Judas went out and hung himself.
      Go and do thou likewise.
      Whatsoever thou doest do quickly. "

      Is this in the least in keeeping with conduct becoming a believer towards another believer, and in keeping with the rules of this forum??? I would like a response from you if possible. Thank You. HP
    12. jilphn1022
      Thanks for continuing the Bible reading for 2010.
      But I was wondering how we can get access to the
      commentary index I am having problem click in on.
      Thanks again for making it easier for us to read the Bible
      in a year!
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    Jul 17, 1964 (Age: 54)
    Bremo Bluff, Virginia
    Home Church:
    Memorial Baptist Church, Columbia, VA
    Favorite Verse:
    Matthew 16:16
    church, family, Bible study