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Dr. Bob
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Jun 29, 2018 at 6:37 PM
Jun 30, 2000
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Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 70)
Home Page:
Casper, WY USA
Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor

Dr. Bob

Administrator, Male, 70, from Casper, WY USA

Dr. Bob was last seen:
Jun 29, 2018
    1. Dr. Bob
      Dr. Bob
      Agreed, RD. Discuss Rick/methods/ministries but NOT sexual topics.

      They have been warned. THANKS for bringing it to my attention.

    2. righteousdude2
      Dr. Bob, this is not to critisize you for closing my OP titles, "The Softening of the Church on Gays"

      However, if my OP crossed the line, I would think this one does the same, and if it doesn't I'd like to know what the differences are so I do not post subjects that cross the line, as you stated in the reason for closing my OP.

      SEE: Bronconagurski
      Member Join Date: Jul 2011
      Location: North Carolina
      Posts: 347

      Is Rick Warren ashamed of Jesus?


      It is sad to see one who could have stood up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ be reduced to a comprimising, narcissistic failure. His comprimising seems to have become a way of life. Recently he said gay sex might be sinful, not that it was sinful. He flirts with Islam and lets their adherents think they are ok with God.

      Jus' askin'?
    3. The Biblicist
      The Biblicist
      Please take a look at the posts by "UserFriendlyGuide". I believe he is the same one booted off five different times under five different names. He formerly placed porn on this site, personally attack several on the forum with sexual perverse names.
    4. zara

      I didn't realize that the thread was a "Baptist Only" thread. I have clearly stated that I am a Baptized in a Baptist Church "Billy Graham" Baptist and inherited Baptist many generations in the past which is included in the BB rules.

      I am also a devout Christian who is non- Trinitarian.

      zara ....:wavey:
    5. scl48

      I made a post called " I need objective counsel on a highly personend painful situationl a" and I would like to delete it but cannot the option to delete does not seem to be available. Can you delete for me?


    6. Matt22:37-39
      can you go ahead and delete the thread you posted on truth and what it means to me...thank you..I forgot I already had one up...I'll put my other church in my profile. I go to FBC on wed nights and Calvary Sun morning (no one does Sun nights out here any more) and Calvary during the week.
    7. righteousdude2
      matt wade
      4,000 Posts Club Join Date: Jan 2009
      Location: Jacksonville, FL
      Posts: 4,606


      I wonder what all the neighbors around 1188 Wilson Avenue, Perris, CA 92571 think of the guy that lives there?

      This post needs to be deleted immediately, and Matt should be seleted too!
    8. freeatlast
      Dr. Bob please deal with Keith Robertsson who is sending threatening emails and refusing to deal with board violations.
    9. freeatlast
      Dr. Bob DHK continues to levy personal attacks and slaner. Here is another;
      What is the matter with you? You just don't care??
    10. freeatlast
      Dr Bob, please deal with DHK and his personal attacks and slander.
      He writes;
      Conclusion: FAL has no compassion for the lost.
      Jesus had compassion for the lost. Jesus healed the man demon-possessed in the Gadarenes. FAL has no solution. He is callous, doesn't care, cruel, heartless to these people, and couldn't care less if they go to hell. He has not remedy for their condition. He cares even less about the Great Commission. This is the answer you give to me, correct? But Jesus had compassion unlike FAL
      am not interested in your videos. I am interested in your cruel-hearted methods of dealing with the unsaved.
    11. freeatlast
      DR. Bob I woujld like to report DHK for name calling, slander and bullying. He picks and choses who he disciplins and trys to provoke fights.
    12. The Biblicist
      The Biblicist
      Dr. Bob,

      As you probably already know, I have been stalked by a person who has come on this forum four different times under four different handles but repeating the same slanders and has been banned four different times.

      This has been going on now roughly two years. However, this last time was far more vile than any previous time. This time he openly slandered my wife who has alzheimers with unmentionable atrocities. Also on my private e-mail on this forum he threatened to come back and harrass me later.

      I contacted the Sheriff's department in my county and they have suggested I collect all pertinent information and bring it to the court house tomorrow and file an harrassment complaint.

      My questions are, (1) does the forum keep files on these banned persons with their IP Addresses and, (2) can you confirm that such materials were placed on the forum?

      I understand completely if you do not want to provide this information or get involved.
    13. righteousdude2
      I messed up on the wording of the first poll. Could you please delete the first, posted at 9:38 pm. Thanks!

      Pastor Paul
    14. righteousdude2
      I know you have a ten page limit, and it is way past time to shut down the "relapse" post. Thanks!
    15. agedman
      I will try this out in an email to you.
    16. righteousdude2
      Dear Moderator - Can you please delete (What ARe Your Thoughts on This - under General Baptist Discussions)this post for me? I was not aware it would result in an open link to my FB page. I was trying to get the pic, not the page, and another member alerted me to my error and the problems it could cause me.

      Thanks - Pastor Paul
    17. Alive in Christ
      Alive in Christ
      Dr Bob, you snipped a comment of mine, saying I questioned someones salvation. I think you misunderstood.

      I believe this is the comment that caused the snip...

      Well, you just continue in your unbelief. But why not try believing? Its the better way to go.

      I meant that he was in "unbelief" regarding the scripture referance I was referring to, and I encouraged him to BELIEVE what the scriptures taught.

      NOTHING about his salvation!
    18. calebreedgordon
      Bob are you still in Wyoming?
    19. freeatlast
      Please so somehting to stop DHK from continually accusing people of volating the BB rules when someone disagrees with him. He is nothing but a bully.
    20. Gwyneth
      Robb Lawson
      This is Robb Lawson mom: Just want all you to know that last night (Sat) at 11:59 Robbi passed away and now is in the arms of Jesus. this was so unexpected, so I don't have many details on the arrangements. Robbi was so blessed with so many friendships and I personally thank you all for that... I will have more details to deliver as our family makes many decisions about his funeral. God Bless you all.

      This is on Facebook.
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    Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 70)
    Home Page:
    Casper, WY USA
    Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor
    Home Church:
    Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist, Casper
    Favorite Verse:
    Psalm 115:1
    Judging Others, Travel, Civil War Re-enacting, Mountain Climbing, Humor, Satire, World Cruising


    Dr Bob Griffin
    "Jesus knows me, this I love"


    "Why do bad things happen to good people?
    That only happened once, and He volunteered
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