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Dr. Bob
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Jun 29, 2018 at 6:37 PM
Jun 30, 2000
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Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 70)
Home Page:
Casper, WY USA
Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor

Dr. Bob

Administrator, Male, 70, from Casper, WY USA

Dr. Bob was last seen:
Jun 29, 2018
    1. HAMel
      I can't seem to figure out how to "quote" another poster in my response. How does this work?
    2. righteousdude2
      Greetings Dr. Bob,

      I hope you can assist me. For some reason, someone "moved" my post titled: A Big Thanks for Baptist View Polls...

      I would like to have you consider moving it back, as I was attempting to thank all of the board members who have actively contributed to the polls I posted over the last week.

      I was attempting to thank everyone, and moving the post will keep those on this forum subject from finding my Open Letter of Thanks.

      If you could move it back, I'd be thankful.

      Pastor Paul
    3. Melanie
      Just a quick hello as you do not post on the All Christians zone...trust you are keeping well....
    4. Jon-Marc
      It's a minor thing, but I'm curious as to why every time I click on "Mark forums read", I'm told I don't have permission to do that. Jon-Marc
    5. Joy2U
      Boy am I embarrassed, sorry, I don't need to change my name, I just realized those other posts were me, about 8 years ago. I had forgot. Sorry to bother you. Joy2U
    6. massdak
      Hello, I dont know if you remember me it has been many years since I posted on the Baptist Boards.
    7. OldRegular
      Some how i have two threads on the Theology Forum; name: Who Maketh Thee to Differ From Another. Can you help me out?
    8. Jon-Marc
      I guess I might as well give up. I'm getting tired of being logged out while I type a reply. I just typed a long reply and was told I was not logged in when I tried to post it. After logging in--again--what I typed was gone. There's no sense in trying to post since I get logged out while I'm typing. No other Web site does that.
    9. Gina B
      Gina B
      Here's praying you get some decent rest tonight and have a healthy and happy tomorrow.
    10. CF1
      Hi Dr. Bob,
      Could you move my topic titled "Ancestry mingled with Religion" from

      BaptistBoard.com > Baptist DEBATE Forums (Baptist Only) > General Baptist Discussions


      BaptistBoard.com > Baptist FELLOWSHIP Forums (Baptist Only) > Missions / Witnessing / eVangelism

      I'm new on the BaptistBoard.com and didn't realize where to place my topic at first. Some kind people helped me out and recommended I ask it to be moved. I agreed it should be moved.

    11. Benefactor
      Hi Bob, would you change Acts 2:48 to Acts 13:48 and remove the newer thread listed the same.

    12. robycop3
      Hi, Dr. Bob!

      In the thread, "Link to Dr. Wilkinson's book", I have tried to keep the conversation on-topic. I am hoping people will read that book & understand just where KJVO came from. However, Mr. Garvey & now Antenna Farmer keep going off-topic.

      I am quite willing to destroy any and all arguments on a new thread they might have over 1 Tim. 6:10 or Acts 12:4 even though they've been discusses 'ad-nauseam', but I'd like the "Wilkinson" thread to remain open and up-front long enough for people to read his book & compare it to the worx of Ray, Ruckman, Fuller, Riplinger, etc.

      I know you're a busy man, but I thought I'd pass this along in case you hadn't had time to read the thread, & might wanna take some action.

      I continue to pray for your good health! After all, you're only a little more than a month older than I. (My DOB - 04/22/1948)

      In Christ,
    13. Jon-Marc
      Dr. Bob, Where it says "You last visited", could the time be changed to white lettering like the rest of that? I have a very difficult time seeing the black numbers against the dark blue background due to eye problems. It's no fun getting old. Jon-Marc
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  • About

    Mar 14, 1948 (Age: 70)
    Home Page:
    Casper, WY USA
    Recovering Pharisee, Pastor, College Professor
    Home Church:
    Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist, Casper
    Favorite Verse:
    Psalm 115:1
    Judging Others, Travel, Civil War Re-enacting, Mountain Climbing, Humor, Satire, World Cruising


    Dr Bob Griffin
    "Jesus knows me, this I love"


    "Why do bad things happen to good people?
    That only happened once, and He volunteered
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