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Jun 6, 2013 at 10:38 PM
Dec 4, 2011
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New Member, from California

Matt22:37-39 was last seen:
Jun 6, 2013
    1. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Thanks for the good work keep us in your prayers
    2. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Pastor Nathaniel G komba
      Good day brother greetings from sierra leone west africa
    3. Luke2427
      I told you that people like you are a dime a dozen. People who think they have knowledge from God when they don't tend to hate people who point out their error. I have people who hate me on here and people who love me on here. If you don't mind being challenged, you might like me. If you want everyone to accept you on your own authority claiming that God speaks to you, then you will probably hate me. I'm okay with that.
    4. righteousdude2
      Edie - I asm sorry I haven't gotten back with you, but, things have been a little crazy as I have a ministry on line that God is growing in leaps-and-bounds.

      With that said, I didn't return your call for a reason. Two years ago, I exchangd phone numbers with another cyber person, and it turned into a nightmare for me. Since then, I have not wanted to use the phone to contact folks, even though I felt drawn and comfortable with you, I decided to stay with my pledge to self, and not contact you via land-line.

      I am not afraid to have anyone contact me via E-mail, so I am sending you my E-mail and if you want to communicate via E-mail, I welcome that.

      airskypony@aol.com BE sure to put Baptist Board on the title line so I know it came from someone on the board.

      God bless..... :)
      1. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
        Pastor Nathaniel G komba
        Thanks for the good work my brother the lord will honor you he is in control continue to keep our work in sierra leone in your prayers thanks.will send you news letters of the work thanks
        Apr 3, 2017
        righteousdude2 likes this.
    5. Matt22:37-39
      Hey thanks, I just noticed this so thanks for responding I'll work on it later
    6. righteousdude2
      No picture yet. I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but don't give up. I had fits with the picture thing too, and then it showed itself. Make sure that you download the phto or avatar, and that the message shows it is accepted. The problem I found is that even though the pic shows in the little box on the edit page, it didn't show up on the personal info page. I don't know why, but, I'd think a mod could assist you. Try getting Dr. Bob to help you. He is a nice guy and he'll probably be happy to help. Shalom my sister. And thanks for accepting my friend request.
    7. Matt22:37-39
      sure cool no problem...I'm not one to hold a grudge...I also see more than one realizes....God has taught me over the last, what what 6 or 7 years how to go about this now....at the time I was like "WHY GOD?"...now I get it...He has a greater work that is why.

      peace to you too and I do pray for you and your daughter.
    8. Matt22:37-39
      funny you just said that cause that is what i wrote about and out it up
    9. righteousdude2
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