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May 20, 2022 at 7:24 PM
Apr 8, 2003
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animal doctor????? Apr 18, 2021

Salty was last seen:
Viewing thread The intentional fuel shortage, May 20, 2022 at 7:24 PM
    1. agedman
      I suggest the thread “Roman__ and Calvinism” be moved to the Calvinism forum where it might attract a larger participant audience of non-Baptists.
    2. canadyjd
      Hey, someone has requested I start a parallel thread concerning the 1000 year earthly reign in the “Other Christian Denominations” section. Is that ok?
      1. Salty
        I dont see why not
        May 30, 2021
    3. AVL1984
      Salty, I replied to your comments on the vaccination thread. Abortion was only mentioned as a mindset comparison, not an introduction of the subject. Your "Chinese Virus" was unChristian and uncalled for, especially you being an administrator. JMHO.
    4. Salty
      animal doctor?????
    5. Paul from Antioch
      Paul from Antioch
      Which Animal Doctor's org did U join? I'm with both the American Legion & Disabled American Vets (I fully qual-
      ified 4 disabled when I said I knew Salty!!! ;) :);)
    6. Wingman68
      Morning Salty! Just curious, sometimes I formulate a reply to a thread, type it in, but don’t submit. I just let it sit while trying to decide if I really want to send it. It remains there even when I leave the site, & come back. Just wondering if moderators see these pending posts. Inquiring minds & all that.........Thanks, you’re the best.
    7. just-want-peace
      cont. - I backtracked & tried once more just to make sure it was not some cyber demon, but got the same site. Finally just deleted the saved site, & just wondered if you were aware of this & wanted to let you know!!
      1. Salty
        off hand I dont remember
        Jan 4, 2021
    8. just-want-peace
      Salty, did you not have a web site "Salty's ***(don't remember the rest!)" some time ago? I ran across this as a saved site on my Ipad, & just clicked to see what it was. Instead, some "oriental" site popped up with scads of porn images.
    9. Seeker of the Source
      Seeker of the Source
      Sir, How may I change my profile from my real name to something else? I would like to make this change asap. Thanks.
    10. SGO
      Greetings Mr. Salty.
      I was reading this thread at about 1:20 am PST Wednesday August 19:
      "Kamala Harris's people Directed slave trade of my Baptist people."
      in the political discussion forum and my virus protector
      notified me that there was an attack.
      Perhaps a malicious person has marked the readers of this thread for trouble?
      SGO Scott
      "Every word of God is pure."
      Proverbs 30:5
    11. Gamer
      Biusbeubb Hhbhfsbechsbciscoysbuefuobefufbeubefuuefbu
    12. Brenda Johnson
      Brenda Johnson
      I am wondering why you consider me a non Christian? I cannot post on my other thread as it has been closed. So I thought asking straight out would be the next step?
      1. Salty
        I never said - nor implied you are not a Christian.
        Jul 7, 2018
        Brenda Johnson likes this.
    13. JohnDeereFan
      Yeah, I went to Auburn. You got a problem with that?
    14. NeilOneB
      I am a Navy vet and just thought that you were a sailor with that nickname. Thanks for your reply. I like that.
    15. NeilOneB
      Hello, Salty! I am new to the forum. Help me to get involved in topical discussions. Does the name "Salty" come from being at sea?
      1. Salty
        NO, I was Army - Its a short version of Salt City -- What help are you looking for to get involved?
        Oct 23, 2017
        NeilOneB likes this.
      2. NeilOneB
        Salty, What type of discussions do ya'll get into with this forum? I came across this forum and saw that it is for "Baptist". I was baptized and go to a denomination - Baptist church. So, I meet the requirements. So, does one have to put up a topic or question each morning to get things rolling?
        Oct 23, 2017
    16. Pastor Nathaniel G komba
    17. Antonio Valdes
    18. The American Dream
      The American Dream
      Hey Salty this is the old Saturneptune. Kentucky is having its first Republican caucus March 5 because of local laws with Rand Paul running for Senate and President even though he dropped out. I am asking what to expect. What do I do at a caucus? I am voting for Rubio. I was going to vote for Carson, but that is a lost cause. Cruz is a fraud IMO and Trump, a maniac?. Any guidance appreciated
    19. Hark
      I just noticed this since I had come back. It was in October of 2014 from you.

      "Hark, drop me an email at saltcitybaptist@aol.com subject line - Baptist board."

      I can't reply because the e-mail on this computer belongs to my folks. Sorry. I don't know if you can remember what it was that you had wanted to e-mail me about, but just so you know, I don't recall what it could be about. Do you?
    20. Salty
      about the free will bap - that was too long ago to remember.
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