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“Don’t matter if you lift because Jesus did”

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by 4ever4Jesus, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. 4ever4Jesus

    4ever4Jesus New Member

    May 25, 2010
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    Some people don’t lift. They do other activities. There is nothing wrong with that. We’re not here because we lift or not. We’re here because Jesus did. I would like to share this with you. Let’s suppose your talking to a friend at the gym about how much one can Dead lift. Your friend happy saying I dead lifted over five hundred. I’m pretty well respected. And then you say. May I please tell you that Jesus lifted about 100 pounds? Your friend starts to Laugh. You got to be kidding He says. That’s a Joke. Oh Really? You think that’s a joke. Well let me tell you about this lift Jesus did.

    The Roman Empire was the dominant Empire in the days preceding Jesus and even throughout His Life. The Roman Empire is very brutal when it comes to punishment. The Jews tried to get Jesus in trouble by the Jewish authorities. But they could not find a wrong. They said Jesus is a Blaspheme to God. That He calls God His Father. They took him to the Roman Authorities. What has this man done? Blaspheme to God. Listen to what this Jesus said. But even the Romans did not want to do this but demanded crucify him. Jesus stood among a thief Barabas. Which one of these you want to pay the price Barabas the thief or Jesus of Nazareth?. Jesus they said. Jesus had told Roman Authorities their Sin is Greater than yours.

    So the authorities took Jesus and they mocked him. You’re a King ha ha ha. They spat on him they hit and kicked him. And then they put a crown of thorns on his head that pierced into his head and placed a robe on Him.

    Come on now one of us gets the common Flu and we can’t get out of bed. We don’t want to. Now they have this rugged Cross. Carry this Jesus. You think you could do that after a crown of thorns? But Jesus did. He knew this already. He Jesus the Son of God came for this reason to die for our sins. Jesus said to the Father not my Will but your will be done. For thus God knew only one man Jesus who resisted all temptations of Sin and even said to the Tempter Satan. Man shall not live by Bread alone but by every word that proceed the mouth of God.

    Who was willing to do such a lift for people that Sinned against God and on top of that wanted Jesus to die anyways. But Jesus picked up that Cross. Not for himself but for you and me. For Jesus said I have the Power to save my life or to give it. Jesus did not have to do this at all now a heavy wooden cross Jesus carried. And if you thought a crown of thorns was enough along comes the Cat whips. These whips ripped into his skin making stripes. Therefore the word says we are healed by His Stripes. Jesus was greatly punished even before going up on the Cross. For one man Adam that Sinned and brought it to the Word the One man Jesus who did not Sin would conquer Death and take away our sins.

    They hung him on a Cross between 2 others. One man on one side did not believe Jesus but the other did. The man said. People what are you doing? I have committed crimes. I deserve to do. But what has Jesus done to you? He said to Jesus when you go to Paradise will you remember me? Jesus said you will come to paradise with me. Jesus forgave this man right at that very moment. He still had the authority and power to do so.

    But wait Jesus died. This must be the end. So everyone though. A Rich man bought Jesus and had Jesus put in His tomb. The authorities rolled a heavy stone over the tomb saying. Stay there and watch. For Jesus said My Temple”body will be built in Three days”. With a big boulder that no one could move themselves and of that Guard and that Jesus was dead. Where was Jesus going to go? But on the Third Day an Angel appeared unto the Guard. The Guard did not want to deal with this Angel. Good choice. And the Angel rolled the Rock away and the Father raised him on the Third day.

    Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw Jesus was not there. But she walking Jesus walked with her. And she did not know him. Why are you crying? The Lord Jesus He is dead and now He is gone. But Jesus revealed. I am He Jesus the Christ. Tell my Disciples. She went to them but they did not believe.

    Then while 2 disciples walked along the Road Jesus walked with them but they knew him not. What has happened Jesus said? They said to him. Where have you been have you not heard of the Lord Jesus who was punished and died on the cross? The invited him inside. Still not knowing Jesus then Jesus ate with them. Then Jesus began to speak the Word of God and their eyes had become opened and they seen Jesus who He was. Jesus told them why He was here. Why He had to Die and now He lives again. Jesus said to Didymus who was called Thomas. Feel my sides. I am not a Ghost. Feel the Nail marks on my hands. Thomas you believe because you have seen me. Blessed are they who believe me and have not seen me anyways. And Jesus had been seen by at least five hundred others and amongst them ascended into Heaven. They were crying but the Angels said. Why do you cry for the Lord Jesus will return in the same like manner?

    This is not a Fable made up story. This is the Truth. Whether we have lifted or not does not matter but we know Jesus lifted that Cross in great punishment to become Slain as a Lamb for our Sins.

    Whether you lift or not place your hope in the one who did ”Jesus’ Romans 5:8. God shows His Love even while we sin Jesus died for us. Join and follow this lifter John 14:6. No one shall go by the Father except by Me Jesus says Jesus is that one way to Heaven.