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“The Dead End or the One Way”

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by 4ever4Jesus, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. 4ever4Jesus

    4ever4Jesus New Member

    May 25, 2010
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    Have you ever been in a situation in your life where things feel like they are coming to an End? Not life itself but something in your life. Well let’s take a relationship for example. You have been together with your Girlfriend for a few years. She breaks up with you and not for very good reasons. But you had your heart in the relationship. Now that she is gone it just seems to be the end.

    Well what actually happens is that you are hurt for a while in life maybe for a few weeks, a few months, or at least a year to get over this. You thought this was the end but you moved on with life. God allows us to face trials in Life. Not so much that He wants to hurt us even though emotionally and or physically we can get hurt by something. We don’t like tribulation in our life but Paul says count it for joy. Tribulations hurt at the time but when you see that God was there with you and out of it you learned that even though it seems God has given up on you He never really did. It just seems that way sometimes. Satan likes to tell us that God does not want us or need us anymore. Often times we have bought this lie like I have in many times in my life.

    But there comes a time when life is not going to go on. One day it will be our end. But what kind of end will this be? Will this be a dead end or have you chosen the one way?

    Lots of people in this world don’t realize that they need Jesus Christ in their life. Most of us at one time or another have forsaken God and left him. I have not murdered anyone but I can say that I have been into some serious addictive sins from one sin to the next and the next.

    I would like you to imagine Jesus is walking on a trail that is straight. You will notice that Jesus will walk straight at time He keeps walking. Then we call him and then He waits. Or sometimes He waits for us to get back with him. Jesus is a Shepherd and we are his sheep. But we can become the lost sheep if we do not stay with the shepherd. I have been a lost sheep for many years. And here is what I would like to tell you.

    There is a good reason why the lost sheep is called lost. Without the guidance of Jesus our Shepherd we will get lost. But how far? I’ve wandered to the left. I’ve wandered to the right. I’ve tried to walk ahead of God. I tried to let Him go. But in every situation I have done sums up to one answer. Without Jesus we are lost. And no one wants to reach the point where they are lost forever. For you see a person who lives without Christ will not see life. In the Book of John it says whoever has the Son has life. But whoever does not have the Son will not see Life.

    Gang I have been way out in the lost areas far from God. And I tell you there is only one thing I see when we wander. It’s called the Dead End. Beyond that is the Lake of Fire that we know As Hell. It is indeed real. Jesus spoke more about Hell than He did of Heaven.

    It’s not because He wants us to go. Rather it is because He does not want us to end up there. Hell is described as a Lake of Fire. And that’s all it basically is. Jesus says there will be gnashing and wailing of teeth. There is nothing good at all said about Hell it is the Dead end. The Dead end those who have reached who have died but not have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    I realized I was on my way to Hell. And there was only one thing I can do. ”Surrender to God’. I’ll tell you there is no where to go but down without Christ.

    What is Jesus doing walking on this straight path? He wants us to walk with him on that path. You will reach the gate. That is the end of the Life. But Jesus is also the gate. He is also the life. This is why John the Baptist said Prepare your ways and make your paths straight for the time at Hand is near. The only way we can walk straight is with the Lord. Without God we walk all other ways but the way God wants us to go. The Lord knows where He is going. Jesus says in the Bible Those who walk by the Light can see but they who walk in darkness will not see and they will stumble. Jesus is that light. When we leave the Light of God we walk in dark areas of the unknown. Even if we think we know our way around were going to stumble with out the light. He Jesus the Light will not walk in darkness with you. He will see you walking in darkness. He will call you out of the darkness. But He will not push you in there or tell you to walk there.

    Satan and the Demons are in the darkness. They give you flash lights. So you think you can see. But Satan is evil. Those batteries die out. Then you say. I need more batteries. The Devil will laugh saying. You’re not getting anymore find your way. Satan has led us to there even with the offer of some light. But the light will die out. If it is too late the Lord will be gone if we walk to the edge of life of no return.

    If you walk in the Darkness like I have. Call upon the Lord. Tell him you’re lost. And you will never be lost without Him. Just like the star over Bethlehem you can see Jesus. But you must walk to him to where He is at. Then walk on the path that God is walking on. God does not desire we stay in darkness or that anyone should perish but should have everlasting Life. John 3:16 is clear on this. To believe in Jesus is not enough. We also must listen to him as a sheep listens to the Shepherd. When you listen to the shepherd this shows our faith. God sees what path you’re walking on. Jesus is the one way to life. The only way to life. All other ways of life lead to death. There is no way around it. Take it from me who has wandered far. There is nothing out there you would want. Not as much to lead us to a dead end. Jesus says what shall a man gain to acquire the world but to lose his soul in the process? Or what can we give in exchange for our Soul? Not money, not drugs, not fame. Not sex. Are we willing to follow these in exchange of our souls?

    I have followed some of these things. And I will tell you it’s all regrettable it leads to death. It leads to the lost soul forever. How close I came in losing my soul. But while I am still alive I can warn you about these other ways. It’s not worth it. It just is not. You realize how humiliated and lost when you go so far. You will realize somehow we lost our focus on God and we will see our Life is going the wrong way.

    You’re going to hit the dead end unless we follow Jesus the one way to God. I was wrong for all that I have done. I’m sorry for those things that I have done. I thank God I am still alive and you are still alive to hear this message. Please follow the Lord the one way. You will not regret this in the least. The life God has to offer is more than we can fathom. But we will not see this without Christ. We have the Lord or we don’t. I do not and surely God does not want to lose me or you or anyone. God wants us saved. But we must be willing. I got here because I was lost not by faith. I realized there was no where to go. God knows this. Let today be the day of salvation. Let not another day go by. Ask for Jesus take your Cross and follow Him. He surely knows the way indeed. And His ways are true and Righteous.