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6th Trumpet, 6th Plague, then 6th Seal

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Mel Miller, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Mel Miller

    Mel Miller New Member

    Dec 2, 2005
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    Instead of 7 Plagues to follow 7 Trumpets and 7 Trumpets to follow 7 Seals, the required order is for the 6th Seal to follow the 6th Plague and the 7th Trumpet to follow the 7th Seal.

    The 7th Plague, 7th Seal and 7th Trumpet occur on the SAME DAY!!

    The Day of God’s and the Lamb’s Wrath (Seal 6) will not begin until the Plagues prove that Beast-Worshipers refuse to “repent” even after
    they kill two billion people and God pours out His “anger” upon them in the Plagues to prove they won’t repent. Rev.9:20-21; Rev.16:9-11.

    God’s patience with wicked men continues until they are “gathered to Armageddon”. Christ will not come “as a thief to destroy them ALL”
    until they have refused to repent and they continue to blaspheme His name and invade Israel with intent to totally destroy God’s people.

    There is no “wrath” until the 7th Trumpet proclaims “God’s wrath has come” and that Trumpet will not sound until “the Temple opens” after the Plagues “exhaust God’s anger" (thumos) and demonstrate that His "deeds were holy and true by these judgments". (Rev.15:1-5; The New Jerusalem Bible).

    Neither the Pre-Trib view nor the Pre-Wrath view acknowledges the ubiquitous mis-translation of the Greek word “thumos”. Not once does the
    KJV translate Thumos as “Anger” but often substitutes “wrath” which alone brings eternal punishment. Only “Orgay” results in Hell.

    The Day of Wrath occurs after the Armies gather to Armageddon since that is when Jesus says “He is coming as a thief”. Rev.16:15-16. That is
    when the last Plague empties and God decrees “IT IS DONE”; for His longsuffering patience (His long-anger; Greek) will only then be exhausted!

    Opening Seal 6 is a direct result of His Decree
    to reveal that Rev.6:12-17 follows Rev.16:12-17!

    The “DAY” of the Lord is claimed by the “Pre-Tribbers, Pre-Wrathers” to be either a 7-Year-Day OR a Day that lasts from 5 to 18 months for
    the trumpets and plagues of God’s so-called
    “wrath”. God’s “wrath” is announced from heaven ONLY at the 7th Trumpet after the armies are gathered to Armageddon and the Temple opens for the Three-Act-Drama (as of Rev.15:5) but which has already been described from Rev.7:9 to Rev.8:5 and Rev.11:15-19! I submit that these Lastday events are described retroactively!

    The Day of the Lord is NOT 1007 years; nor is
    it from 12 to 18 months in duration!

    Mel Miller www.lastday.net