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A Hand to the Plow Radio Ministry

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by Frogman, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Frogman

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    Jan 15, 2001
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    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I did not know exactly where to place this. It is a combination announcement of an opportunity to my ministry here at Unity and prayer request.

    After reading it, if the mods. determine it should be moved to another forum please do so and forgive me for posting it here.

    Now the post:

    Dear Brethren,
    I just got off the phone and finalized the details of a fifteen minute weekly radio program with 760 AM from North Little Rock Arkansas.

    Be in prayer for this effort. The station owner told me they will begin to air 30 second spots advertising the program next week as weekly message from 'A Hand to the Plow' ministry.

    I will produce the 30 second spot and send it to the station on Monday. Then produce another couple of spots to run weekly after the program begins.

    I will not use the messages recorded here at Unity; though I will use the same substance of doctrine I have taught here. The program will begin on Saturday Dec. 3, 2005 and will run between 9:00-9:15 am. In the future, as the Lord Blesses, I have also asked for the possibility to increase this to 30 mins. weekly and move it to Sundays.

    I have been praying about this for a while and finally felt a confirmation to engage it. I also have prayed over whether or not to use the recorded messages from Unity. I would be glad to, except that these messages are all usually between 25-40 mins. long in average and except they be condensed they would be of little use to a 15 min. broadcast.

    I bring this before you that you might be in prayer for me and for this effort as the Lord leads you.

    The station coverage area is from N. L. Rock, to South Missouri, Eastern and S. Eastern Ok., N. Eastern Texas, the western most portion of the Jackson Purchase of Ky. and the Memphis area of TN. as well as N. Western Miss. and Northern Louisiana.

    There is a further prayer request and perhaps a question just for the thoughts of my landmark brethren.

    This effort is not now sponsored by Unity. I have made mention of it's being on my mind and prayers this past Wed. Eve. during our meeting. I did not bring it before the church for a simple reason which follows.

    While still at Grider I engaged in a live weekly broadcast in Horse Cave, Ky. I brought this before Grider Memorial as member of that body.

    During the course of the discussion it was determined that I was at liberty to follow this according to the leadership of the Lord. I had not been either licensed nor ordained by Grider. I remain unordained, except for the body in Cookeville, which cited historic Baptist practice of 'calling a man to the pastorate' as ordination. Unity has not recognized that, nor did or has Grider Memorial, so I now operate at best as an Independent in this effort.

    If it were pushed, I suppose I would simply answer that I cannot seek support, or blessing from Cookeville under that local authority (ordination) I am a member of Unity.

    Still I don't see authority of Unity either needful in blessing this or in ability to hinder it.

    What are your thoughts as landmarkers to one in such a situation as I regarding membership here, and pastorate, but without the blessing of the church's authority?

    Your thoughts are welcome, I am just interested in what you believe or think regarding this scripturally and personally.

    I have already explained, I think, my position on this issue.

    May God Bless,
    Bro. Dallas Eaton [​IMG]