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A poem

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Benjamin, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Benjamin

    Benjamin Well-Known Member
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    Oct 6, 2004
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    When I was a boy
    a god would often rescue me
    from the shouting and violence of humans.
    Then, safe and well, I would play
    with the meadow flowers,
    and heaven's breezes
    would play with me.

    And as you delight the heart
    of plants, stretching their tender
    arms toward you,
    Father Helios,
    so you delighted my heart,
    and I was your beloved,
    holy Luna, just like Endymion!

    All you faithful
    friendly gods!
    I wish you knew
    how my soul loved you!

    Naturally I couldn't call you
    by name then, nor did you use
    mine, as humans do, as if
    they really knew each other.

    But I was better acquainted with you
    than I ever was with humans.
    I knew the stillness of the Aether:
    I never understood the words of men.

    The euphony of the rustling
    meadow was my education;
    among flowers I learned to love.


    Holderlin, seems to project in his poem that he believes there is a god/gods, maybe by the peace that he felt, and nature showing him that there was a loving god. In that he felt acquainted with God, and testifies that he learned love from Him, but then uses the phrase, “I never understood the words of men.” This rather saddens me because I understand there is so much confusion out there which testifies to the works of Satan who would lie to mankind in this way, using men’s words as a tool, to keep them from really coming to know God. Referring to belief in a higher power that he calls gods, he says, “How my soul loved you!” yet he doesn’t appear to know God at all while believing that he learned of love. Any thoughts?