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Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Ztheberean, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Strong’s Hebrew #7522- ACCEPTANCE-
    To be pleasing, and acceptable to God, so that we can have His favor upon us.

    Without God having mercy upon us, we cannot hear the truth of God’s acceptance for our salvation (Ps 69:13); For God says that He will have mercy upon whom He chooses, so it is not of “our own will” to hear the truth, but of God that shows mercy. ( Rom 9:15-16) Therefore God will have mercy on whom He will, and the rest He hardens. (So they cannot hear to understand God’s will) (Rom 9:18)

    We cannot find God through “our own” understanding, this is why God sends an eloquent man unto us who is mighty in the scriptures, so that we can be diligently taught the things of the Lord because this man can expound the word of God perfectly (Acts 18:24-26); And God calls us to receive him, so that we can be helped (and be accepted by God) (18:27).

    Do you know someone who excels in edification, so that you can have understanding of the word of God?? (1 Cor 14:12) If God doesn’t give us the faith to believe this message through a preacher who is sent unto us, we can never have obedience to the gospel (Rom 10:16-15); Because faith does NOT come by the gospel only, but rather by hearing the word of God (10:17).

    Without us asking God to open our ears we cannot be instructed, (so that we can be accepted), and God will not withdraw us from the pride of “OUR OWN” PURPOSE (so that we can be into His purpose) (Job 33:16-17).

    And we can only learn these things from a messenger who is sent unto us who can interpret (the word of God) wherein there is only one in a thousand, so that he may be gracious unto us that we might be delivered from going down to the pit, because this gracious refresher shall pray unto God that God would be favorable unto us (33:23-28).

    Therefore God says that we are to labor, meaning, earnestly strive to be accepted by Him (2Cor 5:9); What are we commanded to earnestly strive in? Studying quietly in the word of God (1Thess 4:11); And this is so that we could walk honestly toward others who are without this knowledge, so that they would no longer be ignorant brethren who are without this hope (4:12-13).

    It is these words that we are to use, to comfort one another (1 Thess 4:18); Are you being taught these things so that you can be comforted, and edified to? Then you know someone who labors in the word that is among you and exhorts you, so that you can highly esteem them in love for their work, and have peace among yourselves (1Thess 5:11-13).

    Are you laboring for the meat of this world which is perishing, OR are you laboring for the meat that is in the word of God which endures to everlasting life? (Jn 6:27) Without God giving us the power to labor, meaning to give diligence, and exert one’s self in the word of God which shows us the thoughts and intents of our hearts, we can never enter into His rest (for understanding) (Heb 4:12-11).

    Have you been given the grace to serve God acceptably?? (Heb 12:28) Then God has given you the fear of the Lord, which fear hates the evil in all of its pride that says:

    1. YOU already have wise counsel
    2. YOU already have sound wisdom
    3. YOU already have understanding
    4. YOU already have strength (Prov 8:13-14)

    Can you “PROVE” what is acceptable to the Lord? (Eph 5:10) Then you are wise, and you understand what the will of God is (5:17); And you also understand that no one can “do” the will of God without the knowledge of this doctrine (Jn 7:17).

    God desires this truth to be in our inner most being: wherein He places it into our hidden part (our subconscious) so that we could (consciously) know it’s wisdom (Ps 51:6) This is also known as God engrafting His word into us, so that we would not be deceived by just hearing the word, without the ability to do what it says, because without the ability to receive these words and have God engraft them into us, our souls “cannot” be saved (Jm 1:21-22).

    And all of this is because God warns us that there is only “ONE” doctrine that we are to learn, and continue in for in doing this we shall be saved, and those who hear us (1 Tim 4:16); Do you know this doctrine?

    If you can ask of God to help you give yourself wholly unto these things, and meditate upon them, your profiting of these things will appear unto all (4:15).
    In Jesus name, Amen.