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Al-Aqsa Mosque

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by skypair, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. skypair

    skypair New Member

    Jun 25, 2006
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    ... after reading 320 pages of Dave Hunt, FINALLY an interesting "nugget."

    As you all may know, Mohammad was supposed to have gone to Jerusalem to the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and been taken from there by Gabriel to heaven to meet Abraham, Ishmail, Moses, Jesus, etc.

    Al-Aqsa means "furthest mosque" or holy site. Mohammed is said to have taken a "night journey" there. Serah 17:1 is the only verse of the Qur'an that speaks of it.

    In fact, the Egyprian Ministry of Culture recently published an interpretation of Serah 17:1 saying that Mohammad could not have resorted to Al-Aqsa Jerusalem -- there was no mosque of holy site there. He resorted "to the mosque of As'ad ibn Zurara in Medina ... The details of the Hijra [Mohammad's escape by night from Mecca to Medina] are the very same details of the Night Journey (Isra'), because the Night Journey [of Serah 17:1] is indeed the secret Hijra."

    "So what?" you ask. So AntiChrist may easily remove Al-Aqsa to it's more appropriate site making way for the Jewish "tribulation temple" and incorporating both rebuildings into his "peace" plan!! And, of course, Jesus said that the Jews would believe on someone coming in his own name. This just gives them two signs -- 1) rebuilding of their temple and 2) ushering in peace on earth -- which convince them that AC is their Messiah!

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