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America's New Bread Winner is the Winner in the End?

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by righteousdude2, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. righteousdude2

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Before anyone criticizes me, I did several un lone checks to see if this article was factual or not. I could not fin anything about this article, meaning t is still under the fact finding radar, or it is TRUE. It makes enough sense to me to be true.

    This is not some Conservative rant. It should be the number one concern of every American taxpayer, regardless of their political leaning. However, I suspect that in the comments to come, this will end u being a GOP -vs- DNC debate. :tear:

    However, you make up your own mind! Shalom!!!

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    Hard to believe, But it's happening all over the USA!!! So, "Wake up America!!!"

    The new breadwinner in the family... are all those on welfare, food stamps and public assistance that continue to procreate, and with each child they give birth to, the public assistance begins to roll and add up!

    An emergency-room physician told me that a woman in her late 20s came to the ER today with her 8th pregnancy. She told the first doctor she saw: "My Mama told me that I was the
    breadwinner for the family....."

    He asked her to explain. She said that she could make babies, because each of her babies get money from the State for her entire family.

    This is how the system works: The Grandma calls the Department of Child & Family Services, and states that the unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her kids. DCFS agrees, and tells her the children will need to go into foster care.

    The Grandma then volunteers to be the foster
    parent, and receives a check for $1500 per child each month in Illinois. Different in each state, but it all works the same!

    This service for a fee totals a yearly income of $144,000 tax-free money; and nobody has to go to work! In fact, they get more if there is no
    husband/father/man in the home!

    Not to mention free healthcare (Medicaid), plus a monthly card entitling them to free groceries
    and a voucher for 250 free Obamaphone minutes each month. This does not include WIC and other welfare benefits...that they are "entitled" to. Indeed, Grandma was correct that her fertile daughter is the "breadwinner" for the family.

    This leaves you and I and children and their children being hopelessly overrun with people who vote only for those who will continue to keep them on the dole ....

    Is it any wonder our country is broke!

    And wait, it doesn't stop their: The Muslims have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family (who has migrated or been relocated to the states) to have eleven children too! And the way they are procreating, they will soon replace the voting bloc above and can be running this country within 35 years. Even sooner in Europe!

    Read the above again, until it sinks in, and then ask yourself if your Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren will survive these severe changes to America!!!

    Are you the least bit alarmed yet? Do you even care? Is it any wonder that immigrants are boasting that this is a GREAT COUNTRY?

    So, don't forget to pay your taxes! There are a lot of "breadwinners" and future breadwinners depending on you and I and soon, our children and their children for their future support!!!