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Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Michael Wrenn, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Michael Wrenn

    Michael Wrenn New Member

    Jun 30, 2000
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    Since I founded the CAC, I have always been open to seeking fellowship and mutual recognition with diverse bodies of Christians. This has led to intercommunion agreements with the Six-Principle Baptists, the Latin American Anglican Church, and various Old Catholic and independent jurisdictions.

    For a while, I have been in contact with various "Continuing Anglican" groups and others who have split off from the Episcopal Church, including those who have been intentionally harassed by TEC. One such contact which has borne fruit has been my contact with the Anglican Mission in the Americas. I learned that they have an Associate Membership for those who want to support and work with them in their ministry and mission but who do not plan to leave their present jurisdictions or denominations. This is called the Fellowship of St. Aidan and St. Columba -- named after two Celtic "saints", by the way!

    After discussions, I decided to apply for Associate Membership. I learned just today that I had been accepted! I may now attend the gatherings, and I was told, "You will be with the bishops and not just an associate member." In the "Norms" of the Fellowship, it states, "This Fellowship is welcome to exercise ministry and participate in the common life of the Society."

    I am overjoyed by this, as hopefully it will mean that some of the isolation I have experienced as an independent minister will be ameliorated. There is an AMiA congregation about 80 miles from me; I have already talked with the pastor and like him a lot. I plan to visit there, and hopefully I can attend there at least once a month. This church has about 30 members; that's about the size I like. Maybe I can help out in some way, and I know they will help me just by the fellowship I'll receive.

    Of course, I'll not stop attending Baptist churches; Baptist principles are ingrained in me, and there's no way I could or would give them up. But this is a chance to worship in a place with more diverse views -- the pastor says the members come from many different backgrounds -- and the AMiA is committed to the Celtic way of evangelism and organization, a more relational than denominational model. I think this is a pretty good fit for me, and I can still keep my position in the CAC, which continues to grow.

    Well, I just wanted to share that; I have found a lot of good people and fellowship here on this forum, but in-person fellowship with like-minded people is important, and I am glad for any that I can find.
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