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Ancient Bible Calendars

Discussion in '2000-02 Archive' started by timeemits, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. timeemits

    timeemits Guest

    Ages of Adam gives readers of the Holy Bible new insight from the oldest of sources. Time was measured differently than today. Extending from Adam to the Deluge of Noah, our Holy Bible reveals a vast chronology. The Jewish Calendar, the Egyptian Calendar, and the Sun Kingdoms' Calendars of South and Central American people once shared mutual traits. The estimated starting dates of the three oldest calendar systems in world history are: 3,761 BCE for the Jewish Calendar, between 4,236 BCE and 4,241 BCE for the Egyptian Calendar, and 3,113 BCE for the Mayan Calendar. These three archaic calendars dovetail for the world's oldest main trunk line of calendar science.

    Old Testament scriptures recount days and years according to ancient lunar - solar traditions. Explore the early astronomy of the sun, moon, and stars. Learn why Enoch, the seventh descendant from Adam, had a lifetime age of 365 years that matches with our modern year of 365 days. Find out what the Word means by "and all the days of ... were ... years." Discover the treasure that stretches into the past nearly 14,000 years ago. Ages of Adam delivers a special ministry that details methods of ancient time reckoning and recording.

    Ages of Adam at http://timeemits.com is a free read. I am posting to forums to find others interested in Bible Calendar Research. I look forward to feedback and constructive criticism. Clark Nelson [email protected]
    Time Emits celebrates the millennium with the world's oldest calendar research.
    Clark Nelson and Time Emits Services at http://timeemits.com thank you.
  2. Angie Miller

    Angie Miller New Member

    Apr 12, 2002
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    It is an interesting web site but what it advertises movies, music) taint so good!