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Another Gospel - Gal. 1:8-9

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by The Biblicist, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Nov 13, 2011
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    The gospel declares the "truth" that justification is by faith in Christ alone without works. Any reader of the epistle of Galatians can easily see the contrast repeatedly asserted by Paul is the distinction between justification by works and justification by faith without works.

    However, this is further reduced to its bottom line in Romans 4:5-6.The only kind of person justified before God is the "ungodly" person who believeth in the promise of God for justification (Romans 3:23-24) but worketh not. The promise of God is that Jesus Christ is set forth as the object of faith for complete propitiation (satisfaction) of the righteous demands of God against sinners. It is due to that kind of faith alone that righteousness is IMPUTED to the "ungodly" believer. This promise is spelled out at the very outset of this discussion on justifcation in Romans 3:24-25. It is this promise that is the object of justifying faith. It is this kind of faith with that object of faith that righteousness is imputed to the believer.

    Justification is based wholly upon the personal righteousness provided by Jesus Christ in his own body and in his own life. Because this is the only life ever lived upon earth from birth to death that is sinless from birth to death. That is the only kind of life that SATISFIED the Laws full demand for justification before God.

    This is why the only kind of person God can justify is the "ungodly" because every other human who has lived cannot provide a sinless life from birth to death, because "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23) and therefore, all other human beings are fallen human beings and thus "ungodly" in the sight of God.

    This is why justification must be "without works" as no fallen human being can provide a life from birth to death that is not without sin.

    This is why righteouenss cannot be IMPARTED to any fallen man in order to justify them before God, because impartation does not make YOUR LIFE from birth to death sinless.

    This is why spiritual union with Christ cannot be the basis for justification before God because spiritual union does not MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE worthy of justification before God from birth.

    This is why righteousness for justification must be IMPUTED as there is no other way to obtain a sinless life from birth to death but through imputation as no such life can be obtained, produced, performed in or through any sinner. That is why only "the ungodly" can be justified. But not just any "ungodly" but only those who "worketh not but believeth" in the promise for justification given in Romans 3:24-25 and Romans 4:23-25.

    However, it is only those who recognize they are "ungodly" and who offer NOTHING to God for justification but their faith in the promise of God spelled out in Romans 3:24-25 and Romans 4:23-25. Righteousness is imputed to that kind of faith alone which has for its object that specific promise of God alone.

    ALL who declare justification is obtained or based upon any kind of righteousness (self-produced, spirit produced, imparted by spiritual union, grace works, etc.) found in the life and in the person of any other human being except in the person and life of Jesus Christ is "accursed" and preaching "another gospel."

    Let me say this another way. Any person who believes they are justified by any kind of righteousness obtain through or in their own personal life, by whatever means imaginable are lost religious people. Any person who preaches that justification before God is based upon righteousness lived out in any other Person or any other life other than in the Person and life of Jesus Christ is "accursed." Let me say it another way, so there can be no possible misunderstanding, any person who claims they are justified by righteousness obtained by any means (imparted, spiritual union; etc.) LIVED OUT IN THEIR OWN PERSON or WORKS is "accursed."

    If you object to this definition or preach and teach anything contrary to this definition then the shoe fits you.
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