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Are You Losing Your Home?

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by righteousdude2, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. righteousdude2

    righteousdude2 Well-Known Member
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    Oct 14, 2007
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    I wanted to share this neat blessing and show those of you facing rough financial times, that God will not leave you dangling on a string over a thousand-foot gorge. With tons of Americans facing the possibility of losing their homes, I hope this word of testimony serves to encourage you to hold on a little longer, as He has not forgotten you, and your blessing will manifest itself in His perfect time.

    Is There Really Hope Beyond a Foreclosure of Short Sale? :praying:​

    My wife Shelly, and I are about to turn the page on a major chapter in our life. After trying to work with our bank to modify our loan, it is time to move on, and leave this material object, we once called our dream home, behind us. Sure we're sad, and broken hearted over losing our home. Who wouldn't be? Twenty years ago, we watched our house be built from the ground on up; however, the recession hit us, like it did so many other Americans, and we could only stand by on the shore of despair and watch as our mortgage went so far underwater that we could no longer "tread the deep waters."

    However, that isn't the end of our story, as God amazingly opened the door for us to get into a used double-wide mobile home, for under $8,000.00.

    As we searched for a workable solution, w happened upon this Christian man who reconditions and sells used mobiles, and once we took a look at the list of homes he had for sale and extremely low prices, we figured there must be a catch, or the homes must be totally trashed and in need of fixing up. In fact, before we toured the first few homes, I jokingly told my wife that these homes would probably be nothing more than entry level "Money pits!"

    After all, we spent the better part of this year looking at used mobile homes that were overpriced for their age and conditions, and the park rent was in the six-hundred dollar range. So we just about gave up on getting a used mobile and started looking at senior apartment complexes. However, they too were priced quite high, and didn't allow that "home-owner" freedom.

    Well, we may have all but gave up, but God does not give up, so when we were at the end of our ropes, with nowhere to turn, He led me to this guy on the web, and like I said above, I wondered what the catch or gimmick was? I couldn't help but believe that the low-priced homes were a tease to draw us in a high-pitched sales monologue.

    When we approached him, we told him that we had exactly $8,000.00 [cash] to spend, and we wanted low park rent. This was a must, because I am going to lose nearly seven-hundred dollars a month in September as my long-term disability insurance will run out [the main reason we can no longer hold unto our dream home].

    On the way to see the second of three homes, the owner of the mobile sales business told us he had a beautiful mobile that would cost us nearly $11,000.00 [way over our limit], but while talking to the man who owned it, he mentioned I was a retired pastor, and the seller told him he let us have it straight out, no escrow, for $7,800.00. On top of this, the gentleman selling the mobile own the park, and the rent is set in stone at, are you ready for this miracle, $330.00 a month!

    One important side-note: this price reduction came the day after I decided to sell my vintage 1999, 35th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang [only 80,000 miles] to a neat young couple for a thousand dollars less than I had it listed for. The couple had agreed to the full price, but before they were set to come over and pay me, they had a financial emergency that cost them more than a $1,000.00 dollars, so they had to back out of the deal. Well, I liked them, and felt they would take great care of the car, so I offered to take eight-hundred dollars off the price, and they decided to buy the car. The day they took possession, they planned to stop and have the oil changed, and once they got it home; they were going to wash and hand wax the car.

    I knew I made the right choice, because I was no longer able to keep the car maintenance up, [due to my lower retirement income as of the first of this year], and it was best to let the car go to someone who would care for it, then to let the car sit and fall apart.

    It was no coincidence that the day after I blessed that young couple, the seller of our new home, turned around a blessed us.

    Now tell me, isn't that AWESOME?

    So while we look to short sell our home, and leisurely move to our new/used home, we can only say that it was of God. The door opened, like only God can do!!!
    One more thought about our mortgage. We knew we were set to lose nearly seven-hundred dollars a month and tried to get a modification to fit our new income. Well, the bank approved the modification, and gave us a reduction of $68.00 a month; for the next five years, with the payment set to more than double what it is now, before their generous $68.00 a month reduction. BTW - this was one of the banks that reaped in the taxpayers' bail out a few years back.

    The miracle is....we will now own our home outright, and instead of paying $1,400.00 a month, we will be paying $330.00 a month.

    One last thought about this blessing and miraculous turn of events....the home inspector told me that he couldn't believe we got this nice a home, for that little bit of money. He said the home, "Was a steal!" Of course, I told him no. It was a blessing! Which is why I can say this about the God I love: He is more than AWESOME....He is FANTASTIC!

    So, if you are like my wife and I, and in a storm that appears ready to swamp and overturn your ship...hold on, child of God. If our promise can come down that dusty road, yours can't be too far behind! :type:

    I was hoping others on the board, facing similar decisions, would share how God has brought them through their financial storms in life. :wavey:
  2. HAMel

    HAMel Well-Known Member
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    Nov 15, 2009
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    RD2, from personal experience..., I know first hand how to test ones faith.

    Let them find themselves broke!

    No, I have never lost my home as the Lord has provided but in just losing the ability to enjoy the perks in life that once came second nature, requires quite an adjustment.

    Have the majority of the American public been spoiled? Yes indeed. ...but you all just hang in there as things are going to get worse before it gets better.