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Army Preps for Tea Party 'Terrorists'

Discussion in 'Political Debate & Discussion' started by poncho, May 1, 2010.

  1. poncho

    poncho Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2004
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    Publisher's Note: This is neither a retraction nor correction, but supplemental information regarding my essay, Army Preps for Tea Party 'Terrorists.' I was contacted by senior Command staff at Ft. Knox on the afternoon of the date of publication. They confirmed that there was a security exercise at Ft. Knox this week, and that an officer in the security loop altered the scenario "in order to make it more realistic." The fact that any officer would associate Tea Party folks with "white supremacists" armed with "military grade weapons" and "bomb making components," and believe that association would make this scenario "more realistic," is troubling, at best. The Command staff informed me that the alterations were not approved at the Command level and that the officer who circulated the scenario through official channels has been identified and will "receive appropriate counsel." In other words, the officer who authored it is now subject to discipline. Further, Command staff at Ft. Knox have provided assurances this type of scenario would not find its way into official circulation again.

    The facts remain: The security exercise scenario was described in my essay, exactly as it was written and circulated at Ft. Knox to both military and civilian personnel with security responsibilities. A handful of Patriots, at risk to their careers, came forth with this information and expected us to handle it honorably and accurately, and we did just that.

    In regard to the verbatim scenario documentation we posted, even though those documents were not classified, Command staff asked that we remove them for specified security reasons. As our mission is not only to uphold our Constitution by holding those in positions of authority accountable to their oaths, but also to support our uniformed Patriots, I agreed to remove the documents from our Web site as requested.


    What's next, sending SWAT teams to oil rigs???

    Radio talk show host and former Reagan cabinet advisor Mark Levin has slammed President Obama’s bizarre announcement that he will be sending SWAT teams to deal with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, alleging that the response is part of a plan to grease the skids for government takeover and nationalization of the oil industry.

    In a move that has shocked and dumbfounded political observers in equal measure, Obama said yesterday the “Department of Interior has announced that they will be sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs.”

    Obama has also dispatched Secretaries of Interior and Homeland Security as well as Administrator Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency to the site “To ensure that BP and the entire U.S. government is doing everything possible, not just to respond to this incident, but also to determine its cause.”