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Athiests go doorknocking to Mormons in Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Ben W, May 25, 2006.

  1. Ben W

    Ben W Active Member
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    Sep 16, 2002
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    I am tipping that this episode of John Saffran vs God would be an interesting one to see!

    - Rachael Kohn: It also can be pretty dangerous if you’re an atheist missionary in Salt Lake City.

    John Safran: Oh yes, we went talking in Salt Lake City as atheists to try to convert Mormons to atheism as some sort of revenge.

    But overall, the Mormons were just so not like a cult, at least in Salt Lake City. And their main critics are just Christians who don’t like their theology or whatever, but there’s not really too many non-Christians who seem to really have a problem with them. And they all had like great senses of humour, but for the sake of my comedy I often have to cut out the bits where you prove these people have senses of humour.

    Like say for example that thing where we went door to door and were asking Mormons, Hey we’re atheists would you like to be converted to atheism? Like we had to get their permission afterwards to use the footage and most of them, like 90% of them got it and thought it was funny, and just and like it wasn’t like you know not in this condescending way where they didn’t quite get what we were getting at, they’re 100% got what we were getting at, and Oh, isn’t that ironic and funny, because you’re coming to Mormons and trying to convert them to atheism, like we go to you and stuff. And yes, they were fine, but you know, I always have to cut out those bits from the show, because who wants to see me blackslapping Mormons?