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Best Of All... Posts Don't Lie!

Discussion in '2000-02 Archive' started by tyndale1946, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. tyndale1946

    tyndale1946 Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2001
    I have been on the Baptist Board since August of last year and I wanted to find out and let everyone know what have been the most posted topics in each forum. This relates to Baptist and Non-Baptist and those that don't believe in religion at all.

    Baptist Board Announcements the topic that drew the most interest was Members Views On BB Policies at 108 posts. You have to know what the policies are around here or you get yourself in trouble.

    News Affecting Baptist Worldwide, Abortion Doctors and The Media seem to draw the most interest at 41 posts.

    General Baptist Discussions had the topic Is It Ever Right To Do Wrong? At 145 posts was someone feeling guilty?

    Shy One brought up the topic Do You Believe In Speaking Tongues in Baptist Theology and you all unloosed yours for 138 posts.

    There was sure a lot of interest in Primitive Baptist and what they believe because in Baptist History there were 75 posts and they can now be seen in the Library Forum.

    Micheal Wrenn who is still looking for answers had 126 post in the Denominational Discussions on Arminian, General or Free Will Baptist.

    In the Baptist Colleges/Seminaries forum, Is Seminary Important? garnered 93 posts from those who had been there or were considered going.

    SaggyWoman collected 62 posts in the Baptist Womens Forum on Women In The Ministry.

    In the Youth Forum Baptist Mom gathered 49 posts on the topic Christian Children In Public Schools.

    In the forum Bible Versions And Translations the topic The KJV Is Sufficient For Me really got those minds and fingers in action and ended at 199 posts started by Alex Mullins.

    In the Pastors Corner they were asking Who Are Your Ten Favorite Preachers and each one has their favorite to the tune of 75 posts.

    Meanwhile in the Sermons and Apologetics Forum Pastor Joshua Villines was looking for Favorite Preachers Who Are Women and swept up 54 posts.

    Tom Vols in Books and Publications Forum wanted to know What Book Has Influenced You The Most?... Outside the Bible and gathered up 54 posts.

    Over in the Music Ministry Forum Philippins 1_6 said Christian Rock Is Evil and they either defended or opposed to the tune of 130 posts.

    A Teenage Christian wanted to know about Promise Keepers in the Mission/Witnessing/Evangelism Forum and brought in 37 posts for her curiousity.

    Meanwhile in Classified Announcements an emergency was taking place as RLVaughn warned us of a !Cuidado! Possible Virus and drew 29 posts.

    Tanya in the Seekers Forum was asking about the Dress Code and collected 56 posts. I wish I could wear what I want to in church but to me men always wear suits.

    This was all that applied to the Baptist Only Forum.

    In Baptist & All Other Religions these were the leaders.

    Bible Reading Forum, Will You Read With Us? documented 68 posts started by webmaster. How many who answered this post are still reading?

    Calvinism/Arminianism Debate on The Basis Of Gods Predestination brought in 131 posts started by Trueliberty. Calvinist are theological precisionists.

    Over in the Clean Humor Forum Sailorman1 wanted to know
    the Top Ten Signs Your FBC Hammond Teen Is In Trouble and came away with 30 posts. I guess somone knew.

    Speaking about children, in the Homschooling Forum Keeper Of My Home inquired that You Know Your A Homeschooler When?... And registered 68 posts.

    In The Money and Christians Forum ChuckS asked about the W-2 vs 1099s and collected 29 posts.

    The Prayer Request Forum brought in 18 posts when Barnabus asked us all an Urgent Prayer 4 Rain for his part of the country.

    Other Religions/Non-Baptist Doctrines was split at 157 posts for Oral Tradition and Saved By Baptism.

    In the Hobby/Travel Forum Bennieboy gathered up 48 posts on Is Going To The Movie House a Sin?... I loved the Ten Commandments.

    In the Current Events/News Forum the horror from 9/11 was the topic as Plane Crashes Into WTC In NYC and gathered 156 post started by Webmaster.

    Sports Forum brought in the posts for what else than Who Will Win The World Series? at 40 post by Bennieboy.

    Armageddons Child and Don split the honors with Gay Rights and Gay Rights Contd in the Politics Forum for 118 posts. I stay where I am I don't need to go there.

    In the Creation/Evolution Forum the topic Haldane's Dilemma registered 46 posts.

    Forum For Polls on a topic Interracial Whatever posted by SaggyWoman collected 50 posts.

    But the all time leader and it is no surprise to anyone here was Barnabus with his Funny Quotes Forum shared with Kathy that posted 276 post and is still growing. The amazing thing about this board is that after we have shown how theologically correct we can be and how morally upstanding. We can still slip on our Christianity and insert our mortal foot in our mouth... Brother Glen :D :D :D

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  2. donnA

    donnA New Member

    Aug 10, 2000
    interesting to know.
  3. tyndale1946

    tyndale1946 Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2001
    I didn't think the same day you started a post it would make it to the Best Threads Forum in the same day!... Is this a new record or what? The ink is not even dry yet! :eek: ... Brother Glen :D

    [ April 12, 2002, 02:00 AM: Message edited by: tyndale1946 ]