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Bible Senders 2007 Report

Discussion in 'Evangelism, Missions & Witnessing' started by TheBibleSender, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. TheBibleSender

    TheBibleSender New Member

    Mar 27, 2002
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    Bible Senders 2007 Report
    I first want to apologize for getting this out so late. We had some things going on in the family which got me behind schedule.

    Praise the Lord we had a good year.

    From Oct-Dec We sent out 418 Bibles, 394 New Testaments, 380 Scripture Books, 1,800 Tracts, 10 Bible Studies, 64 Christian Films, 745 Books, and 288 Hymnals

    Bible Senders year to date 2,193 Bibles, 437 New Testaments, 10,159 Scripture Books, 269,206 Tracts, 1,521 Bible Studies, 167 Christian Films, 1,927 Books, and 330 Hymnals
    Bible Senders Ministry to date. 8,468 Bibles, 1,833 New Testaments, 53,594 Scripture Books, 891,474 Tracts, 3,243 Bible Studies, over 360 Christian Films, over 3,283 Books and 386 Hymnals

    Here are a few letters we received

    Happy New Year.
    I really appreciate that you keep on your support financial and even supporting us by means of Bibles and Tracts. As you mailed me before that if I need more tracts, yes at this time our tracts have gone. Hundreds of tracts passed out to all people in the area of Balanga Bataan every week. At this time, we need tracts if you still have the ministry sending free tracts please send us more tracts this time.
    Bro. Edgar P Philippines

    Dear Pastor
    Your M Bag just arrived to me to Poland. Thank you for all your Bibles,tracts,
    books,magazines. I am very grateful for you for this gift. You can be sure
    that the Bibles and materials will be distributed to my fellow believers and
    my pastor.The articles from your magazines are very interesting -for example
    an article about Joseph and king David. The KJ Bible- I will prayerfuly read.
    Thank you for all. J. C.-Poland

    Greetings to you from Kenya. It has been quite so long a time since I lastly heard from you. Are you still there at Bible Senders Ministry? Thank you for yesterday's news from you about sending some boxes of the materials.
    Anyway am going to be very brief because of time factor, l wanted to let you know briefly of the Bibles & other daily prayer booklets you sent me last years and how they have been of great help. These materials have awakened so many people in this country and right now we are planting several churches as a result of the scriptural materials you sent.
    We are very busy anyway in our ministry here both to help the unconverted people and the little orphans in our orphanage home.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours in God's service,
    Pr. Benson.

    Please continue to pray with us in this New Year. Please agree in prayer with us that God would allow us to send out double the scripture as last year. We must always remember that no matter how bad we think we want to spread God's word in the world God wants it more. For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10 Please help us seek and save the lost this year. Please consider supporting us financially and also consider collecting bibles for us. As always remember us in your prayers. God bless. :)