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Biblical Church Government-What Is Your View?

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by Gregory Perry Sr., Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Gregory Perry Sr.

    Gregory Perry Sr. Active Member

    Dec 9, 2004
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    Hi everybody...This is one of two similar threads that I am posting both here and in the Baptist Only General Discussion Forums. What I'd like to see is a discussion of what you believe about the topic of (Biblical) church "government" or leadership such as (for example) Pastor/Bishop/Deacon, Elder/pastor, congregational,etc. What do you believe is the Biblical form of church leadership/government?Also...what is the type and scope of any Biblical authority that they bear or can exercize over the assembly? Most importantly, what is the Biblical justification (chapter and verse) for what you believe as opposed to something that is just done by tradition? Since this is the non-denominational section of the BB please state your church affiliation for the sake of comparisons. Thanks and God Bless All.

    Bro.Greg Perry Sr. (I'm a Baptist:thumbsup:)
  2. mont974x4

    mont974x4 New Member

    Jan 6, 2012
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    I'm an odd duck. I am ordained SBC and a member of an Evangelical Free church.

    I believe that Scripture supports a plurality of elders. This is based on the following:
    Acts 6:1-6, Acts 14:21-23, Acts 15, Acts 20:15-16, Acts 21:17-18, 1 Tim 5:17, Titus 1:5 James 5:14-15. The purpose of the elders is to provide spiritual oversight by being devoted to prayer and ministry of the Word Acts 6:1-6.

    I believe Scripture supports the plurality of deacons in Acts 6. The purpose of the deacons is to minister to the physical needs of the church through benevolence ministries.

    The people
    The people of the church have responsibilities to the church family as well. When involved in church ministries they will be encouraged to act within their gifting with as little interference as possible. That includes things like care for building and grounds. The people will be encouraged to nominate men to be elders and men or women to be deacons. The people will be invited to voice any concern over individuals nominated to be an elder or deacon in private and in confidence. The people will be invited to inform elders and deacons of known needs, be they physical or spiritual and regardless of the church membership of the person, family, or group in need. The people will be invited to be involved in ministry opportunities associated with the church. The people will be encouraged to be involved in and support ministry opportunities outside of the church.

    In Acts 6 when the people needed servants the elders maintained their proper focus and leadership roles. The people nominated people to be deacons and the elders installed them. In church discipline the people play a vital role in holding one another accountable and working towards repentance and restoration. When it comes to the point where the church as a while needs to be involved it should still be to bring repentance and restoration. If the person does not listen he is removed from membership.

    I know some see the people voting in these events. I do not see that, however I don't think its a bad thing. Voting is just one practical way to do some aspects of church business.

    All that said, sometimes a church has to have certain things in their constitution and by-laws based on laws of their state, nation, etc.