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Biblical Error

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by Ztheberean, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Ztheberean

    Ztheberean New Member

    Nov 27, 2006
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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Zianna and I am in ministry as a teacher, and my husband teaches Pastors. I wanted to post one of my studies for your edification. I also invite you to come and check out my space page where there are hundreds of other Pastors who are being blessed by the teaching of grace.
    Here is the link:


    Biblical Error

    It seems that the leaders today are causing believers to be in error, and God does not have mercy upon these teachers, OR those who are being led by them because they are hypocritical, and evildoers (“self-moved”, rather than “God moved”(Is 9:16-17) This is why we are commanded to stop hearing instruction that causes us to be in error against these words of truth (Prov 19:27) How can we know if we are hearing error? We need to be noble Bereans who receive what is said, and go and search the scriptures daily, to see if the things that are being said are so. (Acts 17:11); And, without asking God to open our understanding of the scriptures, we cannot understand the scriptures (Lk 24:45).

    Those who are in error have the consequences of women ruling over their men, and their children are oppressive. (Is 3:12) How can we know if we are in error? We have gone to find our own teacher rather than God Himself sending a faithful minister unto us to patiently instruct us in the ways of Christ that God might grant repentance so that we could acknowledge this truth and be recovered from doing the devil’s will (which is our “own” will, way, and work, rather than God’s will, way and work). (Jer 23:32, Rom 10:15, 1Thess 3:2, 1Cor 4:17, 2Tim 4:12, Phil 2:25, Col 1:7, Eph 6:21, 2Cor 8:22, Acts 3:22-23, 8:30-31, 2Tim 2:24-26).

    Jesus tells us that we are in error if we don’t know (meaning;- understand) the scriptures, AND the power of God (Matt 22:29, Mk 12:24) Not only this, but God says He is going to destroy His so-called people who lack this knowledge. (Hos 4:6) Why is this? Because those who are in error are unlearned, so they twist the scriptures unto their own destruction, because they went to find their own teacher, instead of receiving the minister that God Himself sends unto us (2Pet 3:16, 2:1).

    Are you willing to ASK of God to send you a faithful minister so that it can be said that you have received Jesus? (Math 10:40, Lk 9:48, Jn 13:20)Then Jesus can open your understanding, so that you can understand the scriptures (Lk 24:45); Without repentance, our eyes cannot be opened to see this truth (Acts 26:18 & 20).

    Believers who are in error, are those who learned that they could bring Jesus into themselves (or heart) from a false teacher (2Pet 2:1);And this IS heresy (1Cor 11:19); Why? Because God creates Christ in us through His gifted work, so that we would not boast (that “we” brought Christ into ourselves) (Eph 2:10-8); AND this gift of God’s workmanship upon us, needs to be asked for (Jn 4:10).

    We should know that “our will” is evil (Jm 4:13, 16); Believers who have their own will still present within them cannot perform anything good ( Rom 7:18); These are wretched believers who need deliverance (7:24);“Self-willed” believers are presumptuous, because they are still walking in the lusts of their flesh (2Pet 2:10).This is why we need to ASK God to crucify us with Christ, so that it would no longer be “US” living, (for our own selves) but CHRIST in us, (so that we could live for others) and the life we now live is by the faith OF the Son of God who gave Himself for us so that God could crucify us (Gal 2:20-21).

    Have you asked God to take you through this crucifying process?

    Strong’s Hebrew # 1875 - means to ask for something that has been well studied out, so that we can make valid claims, or inquiries, because we have done a very careful investigation. Not ten in one thousand believers are within this asking/seeking, so that they can live. (Amos 5:3-4)

    Therefore there is no real seeking through informed asking, unless we are first keep silent, (meaning learning) so that we can be into what is good, (God moved) and not into what is evil, (self-moved) so that we might live.

    It’s all about learning how to come from (OUR) faith (which is spoken of throughout the world, see Rom 1:8) to (CHRIST’S) faith (which is spoken of by FEW, see Matt 9:37, Lk 10:2, 1 Cor 4:15)(Rom 1:17); Without learning all of this, we cannot be justified by Christ, and we are found to be “sinners”, (who think they are saved by grace) in error, making Christ the minister of sin, which God has FORBIDDEN Him to be. (Gal 2:17)

    Our hearts will always be in error if we do not learn these ways of God, and we cannot enter into His rest. (Heb 3:10-11) Do not stay in error my beloved brethren (Jm 1:16); Let us ask in faith for this wisdom, so that we would not be double minded (concerning the truth) (Jm 1:5-8).

    Jesus strongly warns us to not let ANY man spoil us through philosophy, and vain deceit, because these are the traditions of men, and NOT of Christ (Col 2:8); It is these men who deceive others by their enticing speech (2:4); However, we are not to hear the enticing words of man’s wisdom, (of what men can do) but the demonstration of the Spirit, and power which the Holy Spirit teaches, which compares spiritual (scripture) with spiritual from a little here, and a little there, because this IS the way God teaches His knowledge ( see Is 28:9-11).

    And all of this is so that our faith could stand in the power of God, NOT in the wisdom of men. (1Cor 2:4,13,5) Those who have the mind of Christ judge all spiritual things, because the Holy Spirit has taught them to compare scriptures (1Cor 2:16-13). Have you asked of God to help you to hear these things? Then you can be blessed to not only hear but keep them. (Math 13:16, Lk 11:28)

    Those who hear the word of God, but are not able to do what it says, are deceived. (Jm 1:22) A willingness to be here (meaning learn what needs to be learned) is acceptable to God (2Cor 8:12); God shows His love for erring brethren, by sending a faithful minister to convert them, so that their soul can be saved from death, and a multitude of their sins can be hidden (Col 1:7, 4:7, 1Thess 3:2, Rom 10:15, 1Cor 4:17, Acts 3:22-23, 8:30-31, Eph 6:21, 2Cor 8:18,22, Jm 5:19-20).

    Those who are in error, are those who call Jesus Lord, and do many wonderful works in His name but cannot do “His will”, and this is why Jesus will say to them, “Depart from me, I never knew you, you worker of iniquity.”(Math 7:21-23) God blesses us by sending Jesus to turn us from our iniquities (Acts 3:26).

    Without Learning How to “mortify”our old sinful nature first, we are in error because we cannot “put on” the new man without this knowledge for our renewal. (Col 3:5-14) Those that ARE Christ’s HAVE (already) crucified their flesh with it’s lusts and affections.(Gal 5:24). Don’t you remember that Jesus warns us to stay away from the doctrines of the Pharisees “Religious Leaders of today”?? (Math 16:11-12) For (the teachers) who are “highly esteemed” because of self-justification, are an abomination in the sight of God (Lk 16:15).

    Christians minister to believers who put relationship before fellowship, (because relationships cause conflicts) but true fellowship has believers become united in the word of God. (Acts 2:42 & 46) Believers who want to remain ignorant of these spiritual truths, let them remain ignorant, because God is a God of order, However, this is not for salvation (by remaining ignorant of these things) but rather for decency, and order. (1 Cor 14:38 & 40) In Jesus name, Amen.
  2. ANewCreature

    ANewCreature New Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    Not bad, but I would word things a bit differently in a few places. For instance, you state that a person should be willing to pray for a faithful teacher so "it can be said you have received Christ."

    On the one hand, I think I understand what you are trying to say - that a faithful minister not only helps us grow, but also allows us to have it confirmed in us through the preaching of God's Word that, yes, what we did in receving Christ as our Savior was sufficient; that it is through His shed blood, His finished work on the cross, and no other intermediary, that our salvation has been achieved. This is very true, God does want to create order and help us grow.

    I well remember when i got saved, I wasn't near a good Gospel preaching church, and so I loved to go through the radio listening for good preaching so I *could* learn more. Even Pat Robertson, as off as he is on some things, explained savlation in a decent way that helped me understand a few things. Although, the Spirit in me was discerning right away that that Word of Knowledge stuff was not Biblical. I only watched him a few times, and once I got back from school and started attending my home church, I stopped watching him altogether.

    So, if you are also trying to say that if a person is saved, they will have a desire for this, then yes, i can see that, too.

    However, in another way, it almost makes it sound like you need a minister to be saved, to be 'led to Christ," and that is simply not true. Numerous people have been saved reading their Bibles, reading tracts, etc. - it's rare, but it does happen. Of course, you could be referring to that one who hands you the tract or Bible, or who shows up at your door on vistation as the minister of the moment.

    I would therefore put it just a little differently - that a faithful teacher should be sought so you can see the many wondrous things of God more clearly, and be allowed to grow in God's grace. This ties in better, in a more Biblical way, with what you say below about needing to know the power of God, and about God judging as faithful a willingness to learn what needs to be learned.

    After all, the Ethiopian eunuch was certainly saved, and he sure couldn't find any minister once he left Philip. :wavey:

    I think you may have mistyped, too, when you typed "Those who hear the word of God, but are not able to do what it says, are deceived." I think you meant "who say they are not able." There are people who cannot do some things as well as others, but as I noted earlier, you remark about the desire to do so being all-important. God will reward that desire, just as He rewarded me despite my near blindness when i couldn't get to a church. Thre wasn't much on TV, but there were good radio messages. And, I believe that, because He knew I'd have to deal with radio and TV ministries till I could get to a physical church regularly, He gave me a better discverning spirit than I might have had earlier, so I would not be led astray.

    Good work overall.
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