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Blasting the Heretics

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by evangelist6589, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    A heretic wrote me up and tried to get me to read his garbage of a book and I gave him the works.

    Tell me are you writing among the same lines of that Heaven is for Real author? If so you will get the same treatment for I have no interest in reading the garbage that comes from the pens of heretics.

    If you do not reply then I will know that you are, and I will say that you need to REPENT for Jesus is coming again and has no interest in the pens of deceivers whom deceive a multitude like the author of that "Heaven is for Real"garbage of a book. For you I would suggest that you repent and get saved. After you get saved read a real book from a real author like "The Glory of Heaven" by John MacArthur.


    Let this be a lesson learned on the proper response when dealing with deceivers and their hell bound gospel. No I do not always reply to these type in this fashion, but sometimes they need to get a harsh rebuke. Especially those that write books and promote false gospels for I usually have no mercy on them.

    In street evangelism I have interrupted "church services" of false teachers because they preached another gospel. I have blasted heretics in front of their friends and unbelievers. I have had them yell at me across the street, I have had them pass out flyers trying to get others to avoid me, and so forth.

    Unbelievers that have been deceived by the heretics is one thing, but those that teach another gospel or a counterfeit gospel are in another league and why I have to preach hard against them.
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