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Books on Creation/evolution

Discussion in 'Books & Publications Forum' started by Logos1560, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Logos1560

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    Oct 22, 2004
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    I have been reading three books on creation/evolution the past few days.

    One is entitled ICONS OF EVOLUTION: SCIENCE OR MYTH? by Jonathan Wells. Some of the chapter titles in Wells' book include "Darwin's Tree of Life," "Homology in Vertebrate Limbs," "Haeckel's Embryos," "Peppered Moths," "Darwin's Finches," "Four-Winged Fruit Flies," and "Fossil Horses and Directed Evolution." I would recommend Wells' book on this topic.

    A second book is entitled DARWINIAN FAIRYTALES: SELFISH GENES, ERRORS OF HEREDITY, AND OTHER FABLES OF EVOLUTION by David Stove. David Stove claims to hold no religion, but surprisingly he is very critical of Darwinism including neo-Darwinism. His essay 6 entitled "Tax and the Selfish Girl, or Does 'Altrusim' Need inverted Commas?", essay 7 entitled "Genetic Calvinism, or Demons and Dawkins," essay 8 entitled "Altruism and Shared Genes" and essay 9 entitled "A New Religion" are responses to Richard Dawkins's book entitled THE SELFISH GENE. David Stove maintained that Richard Dawkins suggests that genes "are beings which are hidden, immoral, and invested with immense power over us: power so great, indeed, that we are merely their helpless puppets" (p. 176). David Stove wrote: "Sociobiology, then, is a religion: one which has genes as its gods" (p. 248). I found this to be an interesting well-written book on this subject even though it is written by a unbeliever [non-Christian].

    The third book is by a leading evolutionist Sean Carroll [a biologist and professor of genetics] and is entitled ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL: THE NEW SCIENCE OF EVO DEVO [evolutionary developmental biology]. In his introduction, Sean Carroll wrote: "I will highlight some of the most important, interesting, or compelling episodes in animal evolution that illustrate how nature has forged many individual designs from a small number of building blocks" (p. 12).

    I found it interesting to see evolutionist Sean Carroll using the words such as "design," "designs," "pattern," or "patterns" several times. His first chapter is entitled "Animal Architecture: Modern Forms, Ancient Designs" (p. 17). Sean Carroll claimed "The fossils demonstrate evolution's pervasive use of repeating parts and modular architecture in forging animal designs" (p. 21). On that same page, he used the word "design" five more times. I put the words "design" in bold type to highlight Carroll's use; it was not in bold type in the original statements. Carroll wrote: "The modular and repetitive aspects of animal design reflect an order to animal forms" (p. 25). Carroll wrote: "Disparate animals were built using not just the same kinds of tools, but indeed the very same genes" (p. 65).

    He seems to be blind to even the possibility of a Creator or Designer making the designs to which he referred. I do not recommend this book.