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Burning The Midnight Oil!

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness' started by tyndale1946, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. tyndale1946

    tyndale1946 Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2001
    I confess I'm a night owl... Sometimes I don't get to bed till 1:00 am or after and don't get up until I want to... Another thing I turned seventy last month and I'm retired... I have been going to church since I was 6 years old and have been walking with the Lord or trying to all of those years... In the sunset of my years I have been able to draw closer to the Lord and now I have the time after raising my family to burn the midnight oil and draw even closer to the Lord than I was before... In all the hustle and bustle and daily interference I am able to read, study and meditate and pray because what use to bother me then doesn't bother me now... And I have the time... Not that I didn't set a time aside before but things do not always go according to plans... Is burning the midnight oil healthy?... From a Spiritual standpoint for me it is but health wise probably not... It is not just me but the misses she burns the midnight oil also... So many projects, so little time!... So do you also burn the midnight oil?... Or do you have to (excuse me I haven't used this word in a long time)... Work?Eek... Brother Glen
  2. annsni

    annsni Administrator

    May 30, 2006
    The issue is not so much what time you go to bed but how much sleep you get. Our bodies crave a certain amount of sleep (average about 7-8 hours) and when we short change that time, we pay for it with our health. I also have been a night owl and would easily stay up to midnight and beyond but we also homeschooled and didn't start school until 9 am so I would often not get up until 8:30 or even sometimes later and the kids would start school by themselves. However, now I get up with my 15 year old who goes to the public school and I need to wake up at 6:15. Now I'm broken. I'm exhausted by 9 pm and if I'm not in bed by 10, I get migraines and just feel lousy. I'm one who needs at least 8 hours of sleep in order to function.

    So if your body needs you to stay up and you get adequate sleep, you are fine to stay up that late. :)
  3. Deacon

    Deacon Well-Known Member

    Aug 23, 2002
    I work with many people coming to our medical office complaining of palpitations.

    The simple advice we initially give people is: 1) limit your caffeine, 1 or 2 cups max., 2) get enough sleep, 7 or 8 hours (rotating shift work makes people more prone to heart problems), and 3) manage your stress, life is stress but there's the kind that eats at you that must be dealt with.

    I'm an early riser, 4:30 to 5 - rarely sleeping in to 5:30 on weekends (not this morning Wink)
    Rarely up past 9:30, I don't have sleeping problems - two minutes in bed and I'm asleep.